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What is the Karaoke Kraze?

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Thanks for this info, I will try the villa but the mirage sounds way out of my league. You are correct about them being expert flirts, one kept me at a place in udon all night with the promise of 'go hotel after'.After four hours and 2,000 baht later she developed some sort of memory loss and I had to go alone.I still rate these places as the most fun though, maybe I'm turning thai?.There is one way up sukhumvit which fires fried chickens out of a cannon like gun, then it is caught by a waiter on a unicycle before being served to the waiting table of customers -TIT -peter


Originally posted by Smartwong:

[QB]The Villa Cafe is on Petburi Road. It's actually geared more towrd family fun than sanuk though they have over 100 girls there to buy flowers for. YOu will see enitre families have dinner there while watching the show wwhich is ranked as one of the best in Thailand

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