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Hey guys, Iâ??m Jeff Winston

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Yeah, Jarit's back and not much closer to making this first trip to Thailand than before. Otherwise, not much happening. LOL


While strolling down memory lane, I DID come across this though. My first trip report, also posted on this board in the Delphi days. It's boring, so I'm only pasting a caption - note my impression of my first meeting KS at Woodstock (in bold)! :D


I pasted a few paragraphs, because some of it's kind of relevant to the anonymity conversation going on here.


[color:blue]I walk over to the NEP, getting to Woodstock before 7 oâ??clock. There are already a few guys over at the elevated area where the booths are, but I sit at the bar and order a burger and a beer. I want to make sure I get something in my stomach because I haven't eaten all day (feeling like shit again) and it could be a long night ahead. By the time I am finished eating, the are quite a few guys in the meeting area. I'm guessing around 20. When I walk up there, Jaybloom introduces himself. He is an outgoing and friendly guy and he takes the initiative to introduce me to the other board members. I appreciate that because I am somewhat introverted, but I have to tell Jay that I am a little embarrassed when he introduces me as being "famous"! It goes something like, "Hey guys, this is the famous Usvirgin! Meet Fatbastard33, he's famous too!" No offense Jay, it's probably just my own insecurity that causes embarrassment. My "contributions" to the board primarily consist of wise-ass, misunderstood quips and drunken ramblings, so I don't think of myself as being famous. Again no offense - I do appreciate your kindness.


I didn't meet everyone, and I'm terrible with names. I do recall meeting Zanemay and WildDenver, sitting at the table with FB33. Jaybloom also introduces me to Khun Sanuk, who is having a conversation at another table. Khun Sanuk's first words to me are something like, "Please don't be offended by this, but I expected you to be much younger because your posts are so juvenile." I offer that, if he's talking about recent posts, most of them have been on another board. Seriously, I am not offended. I will be the first to admit my posts are juvenile and I've said so on the board. But the continuing conversation is over my head and, unable to contribute, I find myself dwelling on my age - not my immaturity, LOL. The next day I check my email at TPE airport and there is a note from KS reiterating that he meant no offense. I appreciate the gesture.


I recognize Loo_Doot at the next booth, so I go over there to say hello. He's talking with Stickman and Blackie, who has had a rough previous night after leaving the Thermae. I notice that some guys, in contrast to most that I've met, use their real names and don't mention their board names in introductions. I can understand that now. Being famous can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Loo_Doot says that he will also be heading over to Patpong to meet the nanapong guys, so we decide to take the skytrain together. On the way out, we say goodbye to KS and Stickman. Stickman suggests that I write a trip report. I tell him I'm not sure about that - I have only been to gogo bars and nothing unusual has happened. He shrugs and reminds me that that's all most people do anyway. So here I am, Stick. If you're reading, thanks for the encouragement.



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<< My "contributions" to the board primarily consist of wise-ass, misunderstood quips and drunken ramblings ... >>



Some things never change!





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