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Can a guy resist?


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Given the recent appearance of one Jeff Winston,his ensuing prosaic questions regarding housing, education etc and then his subsequent revelation regarding his nite of debauchery at SC with a couple of SC "lovelies"...(whether he is for real or not) I would like to put forth the question on a very basic human level "is it possible to completely, 100% resist the nitelife when arriving in BKK with an expat family or in any other form of relationship?"

I knew a former editor of a major magazine here in BKK who arrived with his older yet still aging gracefully Farang wife who it seemed from all appearances gave no indication of becoming unfocused and NEVER after 4 years let anything slip or appeared out of line... Is this humanly possible?

Personally I think not...

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It's possible...i've resisted for quite a while and i've had all sorts of offers...i wonder how long i'll manage to be honest, sometimes. Most of the time i'm good. I haven't strayed and don't foresee an occasion when i might...but years down the line? Dunno.

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Yes, certainly possible. Worked with a guy a couple of years back. His wife was sent here for work and he got himself a job as well. He professed to never have been to a bar and I had no reason to doubt him.


I do think that once you go once or twice, it will be *much* harder to resist than if you've never been.




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I will tell you hanging in the LOS bar scene changes you. I have been single for 12 years now and it is just so easy to go to LOS and have fun and walk away. I'm worried I may not be able to sustain a REAL relationship again???



A good question indeed. I'm in my sixties and after five years in Thailand, am unlikely to ever again seek a permanent, singular relationship in the western sense and doubt that I could even if I tried; did it for 25 years: this is a lot more fun.

I do wonder about younger guys, 20's to 40's who spend a few years in Thailand pretty much doing as they please and then return to their home countries and try to fit back into the box of of a committed and lifetime relationship.

Very, very difficult, I'd guess.

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