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Bong Hits for Jesus


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There's a small village near Stockport, Cheshire, England that goes by the name of "Bong".

You may be able to look it up somewhere if you doubt my integrity.




Can't say I recall a village called Bong in Cheshire. I do know of a small village in Switzerland called Bong, from memory I think it is in the Canton of Zug.


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Teddy, as you know I am very familiar with the Canton of Zug and I can assure you that there is no village called Bong located there.


I can however inform you that there is a Bong Airfield and a Bong Memorial Bridge, both located in Duluth, Minnesota and both named after Richard I Bong.


More widely known though is the county of Bong in Liberia (capital Gbarnga) where 90% of the kids don't have access to school.

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