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Help me find a name for my Bar (Big Award package)


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Hey guys,

I have checked with KS before if it was okay to ask for help on this board or if it was considered spamming. I've got his blessings!


The bar is about to open in 38 days and it is time to order the Neon and to book the advertising.


I would prefer a name with the letters A to F because when the bar is listed alphabetically it comes in handy to be listed on the top! However if it is a real catchy name that they eyes discovers easily among many other names I am happy with that as well!


The bar has a theme but that doesn't mean the name has to go with it, people see the name and the neo and not what is hidden inside before they decide to pay me a visit! However, the theme is "fishy" we have 3 times 2x2meters fish tanks with nude mermaids inside, the interior will be a mix out of white and blue, we have a white floor with small blue shiny stones in it and the stage will have the shape of the cross with an 9.50m span in the middle of the stage, where all 4 arms connect there will be a hot tub with water coming from above with permanent lesbian action. Also will have 2 waterbeds with white PVC covers with more lesbian and spanking action! The walls will be mostly mirrors, the biggest wall is a window that actually allows a view on the sea (mirrored from the outside) First association would probably something with, sea, ocean or mermaids because it is all about water. But you could also call it a very crazy underwater world or city etc...


Whoever suggests the name I will finally use will get a real generous fell good package.

25,000 baht drinking voucher (with no limitations, good for lady drinks, your friends etc...) and you will also get golden frequent drinker card which works like a frequent flyer card, Who spends 100k baht in my bar within 24 months will get one and doesn't pay bar fine for one year (one lady per night)


Thanx in advance

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