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Help me find a name for my Bar (Big Award package)


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(Sorry CT - not all names are A to F!)


Aqua Vital


Absolut Aqua (Make the specialty of the bar vodka!)


The Big Drink


The Big Blue






Columbus A-Go-Go


Deep Blue Sea


High Tide




Octopus's Garden




Scuba Bar


Seven Seas




Thai Tide


20,000 Leagues

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@lantis, @play, @home, @it, ....agogo/bar...more catchy with the @ and gets top listing, if i have more ordering thing correct.


Do you want classy, saucey, debauchery, sexy, upmarket, downmarket, suggestive, funny??? I'm sure i can think of many, not sure they will be any good tho...

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"Hau weg die scheisse" or "eisgekuhlter bummerlunder", mmmmmmmm, don't think this is what you're looking for.


How about one of these;








The Deep end


Open Water


Shallow water


Deep water


Deep Blue


Blue Velvet


Splish splash


Aqua world


Get wet


Wet ones


Dive inn


Aqua babes


Water bombs


Need any more?


The 25.000Baht drinking voucher is a mutliple day credit I hope :drunk::beer:



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