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How good is Thailand healthcare?


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So what's the answer to the original question. How is Thailand's healthcare?


It's great, in Bangkok and Pattaya. Not as good in the provinces.


I don't like Bumrungrad M.Ds though. Caught them trying to promote unneccesary procedures. I love Samitivet, one of the best anywhere in the world.


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"how good are Thailands best hospitals in the world stage?"


Thailands best private hospitals are, generally speaking, about as good as a medium sized hospital in Western Europe. Do not believe the ads fore medical tourism.


- not enough patients (visit Bumrungrads ER on a saturday night: empty)

- no intensive care medicine

- most of the treatment is given by nurses (Chiang Mai Ram is a good example), doctors may be hard to come by (visit BNH at 9 pm), especially in the ICU

- not good at diagnosing rare disorders

- taking far higher risks than in the West




Thailands best hospitals are the university hospitals, not the private hospitals (the operation OP is talking about took place in a university hospital). Some people do get very good treatment there (the King does not travel abroad for treatment). But for most patients, treatment is a lot more basic, still quite good though.



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I think it is a hit and miss as evidence by guys reporting good and bad outcomes with both quality of medical care and service in private hospitals...


I think the some or even most of the doctors get the western education and training necessary to understand problems and treatments...


Where i think they are inadequate would be in management, problem-solving, accountability, peer and regulatory review, self-goverence, lack of third-party watchdogs....


To my knowledge, only one hospital (Bumrungrad) is international accredited meaning JACHO and that is scary in my book..Yes, many say they have this certification or that one but we are talking about Thai standards, ethics, honesty, accountability, integrity, etc and Thai score poorly in my book on those factors....


I would guess so many wrongful diagnosis/deaths, medication errors, unnecesaary procedures performed, poor medical judgments and treatments, go unnoticed and if identified even a less percentage are corrected and systems are put in place to prevent from happening in the future...


Who is going to tell chinese doctors they are wrong, need to make changes, even discipline against them? That is why the board of directors and hospital onwership are composed of those very same doctors and not non-physicians or community representatives..


Fox in the hen house, you say?







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>So what's the answer to the original question.



In general' date=' better than USA.



YOU gotta be kidding, do not know what experience or hospital you use. No hospitals compare to any of the top 10, in Boston, where I have worked.


In general the health care system, in Thailand is above average for a third world country.


Stay out of smoke filled rooms, for a while.

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Quality of health care, I can't comment on but, unless you are really privileged, you can't get the kind of service in the US that you get in Thailand. Keep in mind that most farang ARE more privileged in Thailand than most Thais.


I walked into Bumrungrad last summer, saw two specialists, one surgeon and was in and out of there with a minor surgery, 3 hours and 8K baht later. That would never happen here.

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