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Perhaps a bit cerebral for a Joke - but I laughed, maybe you will too...


In a Trump Hotel Suite, Artist Collective “Jails” the President

The shadowy artist collective Indecline converted a room at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Manhattan into a solo jail cell for a man playing President Trump.




Robert Mueller may not have succeeded in bringing Donald Trump to justice yet, but for a fleeting few hours Friday night, the shadowy art collective Indecline did what millions of people in the US and beyond have dreamed of doing since November 2016: they put Trump behind bars.

 It may not have been the actual maximum security prison of our collective dreams, but Indecline — most recently known for surreptitiously staging a graveyard at Trump’s Bedminister Golf Course, hanging a troupe of “Ku Klux Klowns,” and previously for planting naked Trump statues in multiple cities during the 2016 election — managed to stage a prison cell installation, dubbed “The People’s Prison,” in a suite on the third floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower next to Columbus Circle.

The work was installed in less than 24 hours, entirely undercover, and without the knowledge of hotel employees, who unwittingly helped carry all of the props and equipment to the room.




“This is a Trojan Horse project,” an Indecline spokesman who wished to remain anonymous told Hyperallergic. “We wanted to do something in the belly of the beast,” he continued, referring to the Trump-owned property that hosted the one-night show.

The group was also adamant that it would leave without a trace, that “when we leave this will not create a problem for the hotel and its employees.” The employees the spokesman continued, “are not the problem. They just work here.”  Hyperallergic has contacted Trump Hotels for comment, but received no response.


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