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Tried that in the news thread :content:


According to his lawyers Micheal's will contained a clause where a commorative toy whistle shaped like himself was to be released after his death.


He thought it only fair the kids had a chance to blow him for a change.

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1: Michael Jackson did not have a heart attack. Apparently, he went to LA children's hospital and had a stroke.




2: Authorities have released a statement saying that they will melt his body down and make plastic toys so kids can play with him for a change...




3: New reports indicate Michael Jackson had an allergic reaction after eating some 12 year old nuts.




4: Michael Jackson's dying wish was to have his ashes scattered through a bowl of cornflakes, just so he could go through the ar5e of little children one last time.....




5: Conspiracy theory is that he was hit by... no, he was struck by..... a smooth criminal




6: Cause of death:




a) sunshine?


B) moonlight?


c) good times?


d) boogie?


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A woman holding a baby gets on a bus.


The bus driver looks at them and says, "Damn, that's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!"


In a huff the woman slams her money into the fare box and goes to the rear of the bus.


The man seated next to her sees that she is agitated and asks what's wrong.


"The bus driver insulted me!" she fumes.


"That's outrageous!" says the man. "He's a public servant and shouldn't be insulting passengers."


"You're right!" the woman says, "I think I'll go up there and give him a piece of my mind!"


"You do that," replies the man. "I'll hold your monkey."

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