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Quote from that link below


It's a intersting read on I had heard of before


But I was thinking when I first clicked that Oz doesn't have a national dish, and the link says "Vegemite on Toast" and well, yeah, lots of kids from migrant families love it. So I guess that's a yes


Chinese food grew up on I thought, until we went overseas and had real Chinese food, yeark!


Where is my Chicken Chow Mein and Chicken and Almonds??


Now there is a revival of "Australian Chinese Food" amongst older Aussies who want the Chinese take away they had as kids, none of that steamed goose feet, BBQ Pork, Fried Jelly Fish, Monkey Balls and Brains, and just about anything served  at Yum Cha


Vegemite on toast, cool!


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Look at the URL “ Manchester’s Finest” 

You don’t expect my home city NOT to take the piss. It is tongue in Cheek because in UK there is the joke that every Manchester Kid grew up eating Marmite on Toast and drinking Vimto. It was only Marmite on Toast for breakfast, Marmite Butties for dinner.

I completely fit that Stereotype ! 

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