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In Theory, by todays standards, he has more right to compensation than others.

Jeez 40 years ago during my “Hair down to Bum” phase, if I could have sued every time I was “Misgendered” blah blah blah.

Something I wished I would never say but “Back In My Day” people just took it on the chin and moved on, bunch of Mard Arses **


** Mard Arse is not a new term, I remember being knee high to a grass hopper and being told, “Don’t be such a Mard Arse and stop ya’ Skriking



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These have to be in Jokes, because they must be, surely the following can't be true...


Parent and child couple trying to overturn New York's anti-incest laws, arguing it 'diminishes their humanity'

Aside from both being adults, little is known about the couple - including their genders. (google suggest mother and son)

"The proposed spouses are adults," the filing reportedly said. "The proposed spouses are biological parent and child. The proposed spouses are unable to procreate together."

They argue being unable to procreate shouldn't prevent them from aspiring "to the transcendent purposes of marriage and seek fulfillment in its highest meaning", and the present law banning incestuous marriage is unconstituational.

"Through the enduring bond of marriage, two persons, whatever relationship they might otherwise have with one another, can find a greater level of expression, intimacy and spirituality."

US Congressman suggests changing the Earth's orbit to fix climate change

A Texas Congressman has been mocked after asking whether the problem of climate change could be solved via changing the orbits of the moon or Earth.

Louie Gohmert, a Republican, made the odd suggestion during a hearing earlier this week.

Gohmert's bizarre question wasn't posed to an astrophysicist or engineer, but a forestry official. 

"I understand from what's been testified to the Forest Service and the BLM [Bureau of Land Management], you want very much to work on the issue of climate change... We know there's been significant solar flare activity, and so… is there anything that the National Forest Service or BLM can do to change the course of the moon's orbit, or the Earth's orbit around the sun?

"Obviously that would have profound effects on our climate."

The official told him she'd have to "follow up with you on that one", smiling.

"If you figure out there's a way in the Forest Service you could make that change, I'd like to know," Gohmert replied. 


Trump supporter running for office suggests removing all the world's boats could lower sea levels

A Republican candidate for office has suggested a rather unique, but likely ineffective, way of stopping sea level rises - take out all the boats. 

Scott Pio, a Donald Trump supporter running for the state legislature in Virginia, floated the idea on Twitter earlier this week.

"I'm curious," he wrote. "Do you think the sea level would lower, if we just took all the boats out of the water?"

After being mocked, he deleted the tweet.

"That's unfathomable, incomprehensible stupidity, right up there with Trump nuking hurricanes," one person wrote. 

"Your argument is nonsensical for several reasons that can be elucidated if you crack open a middle school physics textbook," said another.

But Pio soon returned to defend it. 

"When you take things out of bath water, the bath water decreases, does it not? …  Curious when you stopped believing in pure physics? I guess you don’t believe in science experiments?" 



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