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What are you listening to this week?


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Pink Floyd "Black Holes in the Sky"


A bootleg from Wembley 1974, the Sound Quality is spot on, I like Water's inter-tune comment "We are going to pay a new tune shine on you crazy diamond", its only 23 minutes long. Another "new" Track is introduced as "Raving and Drooling" which later on was recorded as Dogs on the 1977 release Animals.


Shite I feel Old.

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The Go-Betweens................Grant McLennan :rip:


Jesus, I didn't know Grant McLennan :bow: had died. :( He was a magnificent lyricist, and a top tunesmith. Cattle and Cane, boy that's a corker. When People Are Dead. Bachelor Kisses. This Girl, Black Girl. Right Here. Second Hand Furniture, Streets of Your Town... Don't know if he wrote all of those, like, or if it was the other feller. But I loved the Jack Frost stuff he did with Steve Kilbey out of The Church. :applause:


Sudden heart attack this May. Only 48 too, and newly in love, it seems. :hug: Shit, another good man down. :rip:


Sadly missed. As one of his songs (the prose poem Trapeze Boy off the first Jack Frost CD) so beautifully says, "It's funny how someone you've never met manages to stay with you." :hug:


jack :help:

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Time to resurect an old thread,


Cent got me thinking last night when he set me off on "War Pigs" on the thread about the old French soldier who has recently passed away, and I decided to dust down my old vinyl collection. Well thats a lie, even though I have all my Vinyl here in Thailand it is all in digital form now.


This is the song that did it for me, my father took me to see Budgie in 1973 when I was 9 years old (Great Dad Music, Football and Engineering what an education) and this track was like Aural Sex (prick up the ears) to me, I just had to learn the Tony Bourge riff on this song.


I remember circa 1977 when Rush toured the UK and I asked my then best friend "Who do they sound like" he replied that Geddy Lee was a male Kate Bush, on my first listening of "Farewell to Kings" I Countered "No he is copying Burke Shelley"


Mettalica did a bad version of this track on their Garage Inc album in the late 80s, but not a patch on the original. Its hard to believe this track is 35 years old now, I suppose remminiscence about the past is the first sign of senile dementure, hey lets grow old and mad happy.

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