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Who seriously wants to date a BKK GTG?

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I know the original post was a long time ago, but is this lady still looking?


Welcome new member.


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Always amuses me when BGs complain that their relationship ended because the boyfriend was a butterfly....




Trying to explain the concept of irony is not an easy task.





Reminds me of a discussion with a previous BG...gf


Couple of years ago I arrived in town a few days earlier than expected.... and she was 'AWAY" with a Customer.


I found a vey suitable "contractor" to keep me company for the couple of days I was "solo"...


Later...when we were openly discussing my visit....She got quite shitty...and demanded to know "Why" I took another girl to my Bed...


I responded by saying...What the fuck do you think YOU were doing..??


Instant response....


I was "Working"....YOU do for enjoy....


Gotta love the logic


The logic's actually correct though' date=' isn't it? It's just insanely hard for a man to take. Imagine being the boyfriend of a girl who has many customers every day and yet you're expected to be 'faithful'... She is really just 'working' but it doesn't help that much, does it?




I've changed my mind on this, Dumsoda. The logic ISN'T correct. Unless she's really starving or living on the edge, it's simply selfish crap.


"I was WORKING....YOU do for enjoy...."


.. is wrong. As we all know, most p4p girls don't have to work like that. Like many thousands of girls, they could work in shops, factories, offices and normal places. Of course then, though, they might have to forego or at least wait to buy luxuries.


The girls in p4p have typically made a choice at the outset. The decision is: "I want money, I want to buy that luxury bag, I want that car, I want to buy new clothes/pair of shoes every week/every other day. I want to buy a brand new mobile phone every 6 months that will make my 'friends' jealous. I CAN'T wait or do without those items or substitute them for lesser pleasures."


So, if your girl is one of the typical ones, she is "ENJOYING" her encounter too. Because it led to money. And she simply wanted that money for enjoyment, for pleasure. She did her act for pleasure more than you ever did... and she wouldn't sacrifice that pleasure ahead of you...

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Yup seems bibblies made good use of an old post & learned a lesson - appreciate the sharing & is with you guys totally :up:


Furthermore prostitution doesn't exist in LOS coz it's illegal & thus the 'work' of BGs is simply to serve, drink, dance namely 'entertain' customers on premises.

However here some might ask so hey what's the 'barfines' for? Well good question, but again even a BG may leave the work premises if her barfine is paid with a customer again that's purely to 'escort/guide' him/her & no sexual or other services are implied although in rare cases one thing may lead to another, but then it's entirely outside of work scope & mutual actions between 2 individuals.

Umm how about if a john were to pay a 'tip' to a BG after her 'services'? Now again just like a tourist guide or dek serve/waitress might get a tip so could a (barfined) BG even a 'large' tip right? :hmmm:

:cover: LOL 555+

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OH, we've ben here often enough not to get into this once again.


Yes, there is a range of motifs, some do have an option (plant rice, work factory. But not all have those options. I met several girls in the past few months who had no family land, been working in factories in isan or BKK, making maybe 6-7 k /moth for 12 hr 6 day weeks, and sent money home for pohmeh or their kids. many of them came to P recently because they had been made redundant due to economic slowdown. One worked shoe factory for ten years, factory closed, so many hundred girls all applied for the few existing jobs, not enough to go around. another made redundant from a electronics factory, a third from a car factory. I don't buy a categoric statement like " they don't have to sell their pussy to make a living".


Sure, many have made the calculated decision that work bar is more fun, less hard work and more money then factory or plant rice. But certainly not all.


In the meantime, I continue to try and support the poor by buying the services, allowing them to feed the kids.


Really noble work, supporting the poor this way :-)

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now we're mid 2009 & according stickman or other close farang industry observers/ambassadors a lot has changed over the the most recent century or even last few years with global recession etc.


thus it's possibly too simplistic or at least boring to only discuss rice farming/factory worker vs. BG.


firstly there's the one's making the 'easy/lazy choice' that BG is a clear choice while others perhaps feel 'forced' to make a choice to the dark side if being laid off, bf/supporter running off whatever.


also how about the educated girls with previous 8-10k office jobs again as per stickman's recent examples from cowboy & pattaya?

was that a wise choice even if the main objective wasn't money but 'going inter' aka replacing the failed Thai bf/husband with a potential farang (monger)?


I find it interesting with this recent influx of gals particularly in the coyote bars although one may not refer to coyote's as BGs as they may not offer sex for money aka prostitution... :hmmm:




BTW could a coyote or G-club gal be a potential GTG? :cover:

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All bar girls are poor innocent victims who have no other choice but to whore...or so someone will soon inform us.



OK, I'll bite. I don't believe they always enjoy their work because there is a big reward at the end, i.e. MONEY.


Hell, I don't always enjoy my work. Sometimes I have to deal with bosses who think that they are God's gift to mankind, fully ignorant and too weak to make a decision. I don't like that. If there wasn't any MONEY at the end of all the BS, I probably wouldn't be a working man for very long.


I don't think all BG's are victims, but a lot of them have serious self esteem issues. They do a job a 'normal' person wouldn't do. But to think they enjoy being with us punters because they got paid, is delusional. I'm sure they like some encounters, but detest most of us. So percentagewise, they really dislike sleeping with us. It's just they can fool you and me in believing that we are somehow 'special.' Otherwise they wouldn't get any return business. Let the games begin. :cover:

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Soooo, not any different from any other job or person (the self-esteem bit) then?




Outside the fact sex is involved versus whatever shitty thing we all do to make a living...




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