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Famous Grouse

Scumbag Press Your complaints

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Regarding the recent rants on scumbag press in Thailand. Perhaps I can help sort out the rumours and fact.

You can search me on Timesonline.com, findarticles.com etc. If anybody on this forum has a complaint or whinge, out with it and I will try to deal with it either here or by email at famous-grouse@hotmail.co.uk

The bars in Pattaya sound a trifle wet for visiting journalists!



Your contributor Mekong posted a rant about the scumbag British press here last week which was subsequently brought to my attention.


While no doubt there are scumbags in the British press I would like to point that I have never been near a golf club for the last five years, except maybe the one at Don Muang,

And have certainly never been shown the door of a bar and had five beers thrown over me.


I was at a loss to how this rumour started. I was in Pattaya one day over the last two weeks (most of the other time I was abroad) on a matter totally disconnected with Steve Coppell.


I have no interest whatsoever in chasing Mr. Coppell around bars in Pattaya, or anywhere else for that matter.


I did know Coppell was in town. The topic did come up. As was mentioned the favourite of British tabloids Jimmy White â?? a man who actually makes good cash selling his stories to the so called scumbag press.

So what?


I have however since made some enquiries. â??The barâ?? Mr.Mekong is referring to is â??Jamesonsâ??. Coppell did not leave Pattaya, but instead decided to spend the night of the Champions league elsewhere.


Why would he not go back to Jamesons? It looks to be a pretty safe place to watch football without being harassed. Maybe the answer lies within the bar, which I can honestly say I have never been in or even seen it! â?? except in the Pattaya Mail.


Maybe he just wanted some p and q.


I did not know Mr. Coppell liked to go to go-go bars until I read Mekongâ??s post, nor do I understand the reasoning behind his post. If he wanted to defend Steve Coppell why would he raise Coppellâ??s name in connection with go-go bars.


That might be the surest way to fire up a paper like the News of the World. After Mekongâ??s rant I called the NoW and asked them if they were chasing Coppell. They said not (well they would wouldnâ??t they). The deskman added: â??Why whatâ??s he been up to?â? â?? Well he would would he not?

â??Havenâ??t the foggiestâ? I replied.


Maybe thatâ??s why there was no story in the NoW last week!


Anyway thank you to that nice gentleman who was a little drunk when he met me. He seems to be the only chap here to have a cut of my jib so to speak.


May I say also something else about the press. Quite often we help people and I certainly know I have helped a few who have been set up in Pattaya. Thatâ??s as far however I will go to defend them.


In the meantime may I suggest Mekong gets the owner of Jamesonâ??s to ban the reading of the News of the World, Sun, Mirror etc in his bars.



Andrew Drummond




24-05-07 01:35 PM - Post#597350


I couldn't make up my mind whether to post this in News, Non-Thai News or Sports, so I decided to put it in General Discussion.


For the past few years a well known football manager in the English game has been coming to Thailand for 2-3 weeks during the off season just to chill out, play a few rounds of golf and socialise with a few friends he has made here.


It was never a problem for him until this year, but it seems that now he got his team promoted to the Premiership last Season and managed to have a succesful first season in the league he is now an open target for the Gutter Press to dry and dig up the dirt on him.


He arrived last Friday evening and on Saturday was with a group of us watching the FA Cup final and generaly just being "One of the Guys". On tuesday night word was going round that Andrew Drummond, the Scumbag reporter with News of the World was in Pattaya asking questions about him.


Yesterday at a charity golf tournament Drummond turned up and was promptly escorted from the course, but by this time the EPL manager decided it was time to disapear back to Bangkok rather than stay in Pattaya and watch the Champions League final with us.


Drummond had the cheek to show up in the bar last night asking questions and was shown the door but not before he had about 5 beers thrown in his face, and the words WANKER and SCUMBAG ringing in his ears.


What is wrong with the British press?


A single 50 something guy (never been married) comes to Pattaya to get away from work pressures, play a bit of golf, hang out with friends and probably visit 2-3 Go-Go bars in walking Street just like thousands of other Brits do every month.


Scumbag Gutter Press have they nothing better to do than spoil a guys fun.

Know The Rules! Learn The Tricks! Play the Game!



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You have been (self) introduced and we (at least myself) hope to see you on a Friday in Gully's.





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