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Really horrible video of car crash in Bangkok


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I ve been browsing on youtube all night and found this very intense and horrible video...


Its a good advert on why not to drink and drive. This video should be shown on Thai TV as an advert.


I also got a shiver when I watched this...I remember myself bein in dangerous situations on Thailands roads, due to alcohol. I wasnt driving, but I recall bein in a car with 2 Thai guys who I met at the Saxophone, flying around rachada and the express ways and 2 in the morning. They were drinking.


I think this video would make people think twice. There is alot of anger in this video.


Horrible video showing dangers of drink driving.

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As I have posted before, and many of you know, my first wife was killed by a drunk driver. As was the wife of another board member. That alone is reason enough not to drink and drive. Never mind what you can do to yourself, consider what you can do to others... :yeahthat::soapbox:

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Old Hippie, sorry to hear of your loss. I feel a bit bad about posting it now. Hope I didnt bring back too many bad memories...

I just thought it was a good advert not to drink and drive...yes it not only destroys the lives of the people who die, but all the families also.


take care,




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