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'Liverpool fans are the worst in Europe'

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I'm actually starting to believe that you may be thai3 again, just with a 'cover story' - an alternative identity.


I see that you give an email address for Mr Hammond at Liverpool FC's official domain


A quick google of 'Phil Hammond' finds this:

MacKenzie's Hillsborough - 'The Sun told The Truth'


[Mr McKenzie, previous editor of The Sun] said of Hillsborough: "There was a surge of Liverpool fans who had been drinking and that is what caused the disaster. The only thing different we did was put it under the headline 'The Truth'. I went on [bBC Radio 4's] World at One the next day and apologised. I only did that because Rupert Murdoch told me to. I wasn't sorry then and I'm not sorry now because we told the truth


Hmmm.. What is Mr Hammond's position on this?

The backlash arrived quickly yesterday. The Liverpool Echo launched a withering attack on Mr MacKenzie while Phil Hammond, chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, whose son died in the tragedy, urged Mr MacKenzie to "come and tell the families this to their faces".


Doesn't sound too happy about your position, does he? Doesn't seem to agree at all... :)


Elsewhere, it finds him saying things like:


Father of son killed in Hillsborough disaster warns of more deaths unless UEFA gets its act together



A CAMPAIGNER whose son was killed in the Hillsborough disaster has warned another fan could die if UEFA does not change.



Phil Hammond, of the Hillsborough Support Group, say it is vital that the football governing body improves its organ-isation of matches.



Mr Hammond, who lost a son in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, was at the game in Greece and while he accepts there were problems caused by fans he said UEFA need to sort out their own problems. He said: â??The faults at the Athens final were 10% the fault of Liverpool fans, 90% the fault of UEFA.



â??UEFA should get their house in order, people are going to die at their football matches, I can say that as someone who has lost someone and someone who went through what happened in Athens.



â??If something like that happens again, someone is going to die at one of their games.



â??He (Gaillard) is claiming Liverpool fans did this, that and the other, but not what UEFA did wrong. Nobody will now believe anything he says, they should get rid of him as a spokesman.



â??He should have kept his mouth shut until they found out what really happened.â?Â


So, basically whatever you are, PP, thai3 or a troll, you're a moronic waste of time. A guy you cite as being on your side (mass murder by Liverpool fans) isn't even on your side! :doah:


No doubt you'll come back with some absolute bollocks and people could spend their lives refuting each little lie but you'll keep on.


Carry on here without me. Carrying on, er, winning friends and influencing people... :shakehead

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