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And the Spanish title goes to ... ?

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i think the odds favoured RM.

they only had to equal Barca's result but they made hard work of it,but that's what they have been doing the last few Weeks.

it was hard for them losing RVN early as he normally looks like the only Player likely to score.

Beckham plainly wasn't at his best fitness level but went out and tried his best.

and losing the 1st Goal must have been a little disturbing when news of how Barca were doing filtered through.

but as in the last few Weeks late Goals proved the turning point.


they hit form at the right time and grinded out the results.

their catching up of Barca reminded me of MU catching Newcastle and Arsenal overhauling MU a few Years ago.

watching Spanish Football about 6-7 Weeks ago and the pundits all said that RM would win.

but plaudits should also go to Capello




not always the most popular Manager but has won the League with all the Teams he has managed.RM,Milan,Roma and Juve.

but of course the Juve ones have now been erased from the record books due to the scandal in Italy.

but due to the volatile ways of Spanish Football politics he has no idea if he will be in the job next Season.


but i wonder how RM will fare next Season.

Beckham gone,R.Carlos gone,Reyes going? and Salgado maybe going?.

Raul is not the Player he was and i think they need a top striker.

if the rumours are true about Eto'o then perhaps they should raid Barca again and upset the Catalans again....... :grinyes:


and Barca might have Terry Henry to replace Eto'o next Season.


but some nice post-match celebrations last Night.

Carlos got a good send off and nice to see Beckham with his kids on the pitch,i like that sort of thing........ :spin:


and thank-you Ruud........ :elephant:

winning the League means RM have to pay MU a Million smackers........... :yay:

it makes up for the million smackers MU have to pay Everton for conditions in Rooney's transfer..... :beer:





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So RM it is. 87% of us got that right :up:


In a season which looked like easy prey for Barca (never really had a great advantage point-wise over the followers but did have overall solid performances) they ended up as runners-up.


At least RM make it a more exciting season next year. That's all I can make of it.

Don't favor any of them btw... as for my Spanish team (Sociedad), they were relegated. :dunno::banghead:


I'm flabbergasted, you, as a (semi) Portuguese have a fave SPANISH team?


I'm loosing my religion.


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