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What are the benefits of lerning Thai aprt from the obvious?


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Pet cringer is "Oh, My Buddha". There really is no equivalence with "Oh My God".



�ุ��ระ��วย Khun Pra chuay

�ุ���� Puttoh


Pretty close :)





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i tryed learning a bit of thai,got the book and rosetta stone etc,talking to thais online aswell!!

but its easy to have the urge at the start but that drys up.

you really need a thai friend or someone in close contact.

but give it a go theres always some words that always stick,its good to be able to write your name in thai script!!

easy with our names aswell js lol


o yeah the rosetta stone is ok but it only shows a picture and the thai and the pictures sometimes could be a range of things :cussing:



this site os good for dictionary http://www.thai-language.com/

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