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'Dont you believe it, the glazers have a LOT of input, who wouldnt when you have stumped that sort of money into the team. The difference is that they are low-key where as Roman isn;t'


of course the Glazers have an imput because they are bankrolling the Club in the same way that Roman is doing at Chelsea...........but.


if you believe the Media reports over the last couple of Days it seems Roman wants to help in Team selection and other Day to Day decisions.

wether the reports are true or not i do not know,but it might be the case of a new Manager going to Chelsea and having his hands tied.


whilst at MU the Glazers are happy to have Fergie at the helm and after the last Season they will be happy with the success.

they will not get involved in Team matters as Fergie/backroom staff/and maybe some Players will walk and the Club will go into freefall and no-way will they want to risk that.


seen rumours that Mark Hughes might be a target for Chelsea....... :hmmm:

big Club for him but i wonder if he will just ply his trade at Blackburn for a few Years,get the experience and then go to MU under the wing of Fergie?.


Hughes would be worshipped at MU if we keep the squad.

minus Players like Ronaldo/Giggs/Scholes/Neville/Evra.

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"Half an hour before Chelsea made the message about Grant officially known, I was called by the chief executive Peter Kenyon," he told Voetbal International.


"He informed me that the departure of Grant will not affect me. I'd rather go on that. I have a contract until 2010."


and he believed that slimy barstard Kenyon.......... :rotl::rotl::rotl::rotl:


the new Manager of Chelsea will soon learn that they will be fucked.

Roman pulling the strings upfront and Kenyon stabbing him in the back.

but i suppose a multi-million £ pay-off after one Season will make them smile......

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