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In response to Marreen's moan about "Winning the Premiership without spending money", I decided to do a little bit of research as one does.


"United won the Double in 1995-96 while selling three of their most important players and buying nobody (although Eric Cantona came back from his kung-fu suspension in October). Mark Hughes, Paul Ince and Andrei Kanchelskis all left so that the Fergie Fledglings - Nicky Butt, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, David Beckham and Paul Scholes - could make their way into the team. After United lost the first game of the season 3-1 to Aston Villa, Alan Hansen gave us his legendary "you'll never win anything with kids" quote and Kevin Keegan followed it up with his equally famous "I'll love it if we beat them" rant when United overturned a 12-point deficit to catch Newcastle and win the league."


Manchester United indeed spent no money that summer, buying only the reserve goalkeeper Nick Culkin from York City in September. The list below shows how much each Premiership-winner spent in the previous summer (up to the end of August, to include major deals such as Dwight Yorke and Michael Essien that went through in the first couple of weeks of the season). Chelsea, predictably, are miles clear at the bottom, having spent a combined £142m in the summers of 2004 and 2005, but Blackburn are not as low on the list as many people would expect. That's because the most important building blocks of The House That Jack Built - Tim Flowers, Colin Hendry, Tim Sherwood and Alan Shearer - had been purchased in previous seasons before they won the title in 1994-95.


1995-96 Manchester United, n/a

1992-93 Manchester United, £1.1m (Pat McGibbon and Dion Dublin)

1999-2000 Manchester United, £1.5m (Quinton Fortune)

2003-04 Arsenal, £2.5m (Cesc Fábregas, Phillipe Senderos, Jens Lehmann and Gaël Clichy)

1993-94 Manchester United, £3.75m (Roy Keane)

1994-95 Blackburn, £5.3m (Chris Sutton and Robbie Slater)

1996-97 Manchester United, £7.5m (Raimond van der Gouw, Ronny Johnsen, Ole Solskjaer, Karel Poborsky and Jordi Cruyff)

2000-01 Manchester United, £7.8m (Fabien Barthez)

1997-98 Arsenal, £14.55m (Alex Manninger, Manu Petit, Giles Grimandi, Luis Boa Morte, Alberto Mendez, Marc Overmars, Lee Canoville and Christopher Wreh)

2006-07 Manchester United, £18.6m (Michael Carrick)

2001-02 Arsenal, £22.25m (Francis Jeffers, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Sol Campbell and Richard Wright)

1998-99 Manchester United, £27.75m (Jaap Stam, Jesper Blomqvist and Dwight Yorke)

2002-03 Manchester United, £30m (Rio Ferdinand)

2005-06 Chelsea, £53,4m (Asier del Horno, Scott Sinclair, Lassana Diarra, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Michael Essien)

2004-05 Chelsea, £89.05m (Petr Cech, Arjen Robben, Paulo Ferreira, Mateja Kezman, Didier Drogba, Tiago, Ricardo Carvalho)

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....2001-02 Arsenal, £22.25m (Francis Jeffers, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Sol Campbell and Richard Wright).....

I believe Sol Campbell was a free transfer.


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Campbell may have been a free but that just gave him the excuse to demand the vast wages.


Mekongs stats throw some interesting facts into the air.

in their Seasons winning the PL........


MU spent approx 90 Mill on 15 Players.

Arsenal spent approx 39 Mill on 15 Players.

Chelsea spent approx 142 Mill on 12 Players.


MU's average spending on new Players then winning the PL was 11.2 Mill.

Arsenal's average spending on new Players then winning the PL was 13 Mill.

Chelsea's average spending on new Players then winning the PL was 121 Mill.


Winger is a master at picking up Players that no-one else has ever seen and of course has sold Players like Anelka for good prices.


Fergie likes youth and while selling Players like Beckham,Stam for good prices still gets stiffed by other Teams.

because you are a big Team the price goes up.


Moaner likes to spend big and then offload at small prices or frees.

he likes to just stop other Teams getting Players.

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Arsenal - Angelina Jolie

Look good, a bit maverick at times and you know they have the potential to really f**k you over.


Aston Villa - Dido

One big hit. Fairly inoffensive really.


Birmingham City - Maria Carey

Occasionally interesting, frequently annoying. Supporters are thick.


Blackburn Rovers - Melanie Sykes

Common as muck Lancy, constantly worrying.


Bolton Wanderers - Natalie Imbruglia

Always looks like she might go down but never does.


Charlton Athletic - Martine McCutcheon

Chirpy Cockney with the ability to spring a few surprises.


Chelsea - Maggie Thatcher

Hated by millions, supported by idiots.


Everton - Barbara Windsor

Been laughing at those tits so long we forget that once upon a time they actually looked quite good.


Fulham - Andrea Corr

Not bad to look at but not much of her. Seems a bit awestruck with fame.


Leicester City - Patsy Palmer

Generally a bit crap and second rate really, but some people like her.


Leeds United - Lisa Scott Lee



Liverpool - Sophie Ellis Bextor

Individually all the components look fantastic - just doesn't work when put together.


Man City - Madonna

Have been big at times - now lost the plot a bit - ageing stars. Nice new home though


Man United - Jordan

Dominated by tits. Quite repulsive really.


Middlesborough - Tara Palmer Tompkinson

Can look quite good at the back - but nothing at all up front to speak of.


Newcastle United - Christina Aguillera

Can look good. Various unsavoury elements though.


Portsmouth - Chrissie Hynde

On the face of it a has-been but you're quite interested in what she's going to do next.


Southampton - Kylie Minogue

Sometimes you feel sorry for them, They're not huge and you've got a bit of a soft spot.


Spurs - Ulrika Johnson

Can look good, but get a good beating now and then.

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now i know it's your turn to take the piss..... :applause:


i bet you have no idea who some of the bints you have mentioned are.... :stirthepo

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For most of the EPL Fergie usually bought the best english talent available as well: Keane, Cole, Rooney to name a few. Shearer almost went there as well. Man Yoo had more money and used it like a hammer as well.


From what I can tell and I could be wrong. The club that usually spends the most money or has the most money has won the EPL with a few exceptions. Man Yoo this past season and Arsenal in '04 and possibly even '98. Blackburn spent big to get from the old 2nd division to the first division, now EPL.

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i accept the argument that MU have spent truckloads of money since the PL started.

but their outlay is nothing compared to Chelsea's.


Fergie has preferred to buy British and either bought up and coming Players or Players with a pedigree in the PL.

most of his failures have been the foreign Players.

either they could not adapt to the English Game or more likely,fell foul of Fergie's temper.


Winger is the master of scouring Europe and Africa for the unknowns.

and very good at make good profits,but i wonder how long he will be around?.


Moaner Maureen is just a kid in a candy shop.

he has the most money and likes to splash out silly prices for Players.

when Roman presents a blank cheque it is easy to outbid other Teams.

Moaner has expressed interest in coaching Portugal and he seems a popular choice for the England job.

but just how well would he do with no funds and having to choose only underachieving Players?.

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