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Game in Thailand


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Haven't been on here in a long time, possibly more than 9 months. If I do make another trip back it wouldn't be until the rainy season is over. One thing that was having to rely on p4p scene to get laid. What I would like to know if it is easy enough to game (pickup without paying) Thai girls, I am sure the answer is yes but I wouldn't mind hearing it from a few posters here.

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Yes, easy enough, as long as you don't go for girls completely out of your range. (i.e. a 60 year old hitting on 20 year old uni girls)


It's BY FAR the most productive to line up girls through the internet, like community sites, chat sites, instant messaging, etc. Then just arrange a date.



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Soi Buakhao (White Lotus Lane) is correct.


Don't just turn up and expect that to happen.

Especially if you don't speak any Thai.


Line them up beforehand on internet sites etc.

It might take a couple of dates for anything to happen, however, if it happens at all.


The younger you are, the more chance you'll have.

Unless you are rich and are targetting gold-digger type chicks.


Remember that a lot of the girls on internet sites really are looking for a boyfriend / husband etc. (And yes... a lot aren't as well). Try to empathise how they're going to feel if you just do the "hump-and-dump" and leave them high and dry after making a heap of false promises. This is one of the things in Thailand that gives farangs a bad name. However, if you hardly speak any Thai, and they know you're on holidays for a week or two, they'll more-than-likely see through any bullshit, so best to be just upfront if you just want a holiday fling.


And finally, (and I've said this here before), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't assume that all Thai girls want to get into bed with a westerner or want a western boyfriend.They don't. Don't talk to them the same as many guys would talk to a bar girl. (i.e. A lot of slang, sexual innuendo etc).


Thai girls outside the bar scene are not just "sex-machines" for you to bed at your beck-and-call.

Just some friendly advice.


Good luck.


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Well it would be the more holiday fling like coming there for 2 weeks so I would get that message across. Probably the only thing I would want to pay for would be a soapy massage but everything else I can get back home. I am 29 and take good care of myself so I am not the 60 year old wanting the 20 year old YET! I am also not expecting the girls to be major sluts so I know what you mean. I would expect that it would be slightly easier than say picking up girls in europe, providing they speak english as I don't speak Thai. My guess is I want to hang out where the students party/dance but I hear working girls are there as well. I am not flashing $ (I have it but they don't need to know it) nor looking for a relationship.

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Ok... you're 29. So you're in with a good shot.


Get onto www.thailandfriends.com and do yourself a profile.


Email some girls from the site and go from there.


Be upfront and honest and see what happens.


Good luck!


Oh.. and I know what you're trying to say when you mention "anything else you can get at home"... but it still ain't quite the same as getting it in Thailand! It always seems to come with a twist!!

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I have been to Thailand once for 2 weeks back in Sept 05 so I understand the twist part, just I know if I made an effort I probably could have gamed some girls back then. I have a friend who moved there recently and has racked up around 20 girls in 6 months without paying (directly that is not p4p girls). Actually he doesn't pay at all but I was referring to things like he had $100 stolen from him and I heard some of his stories but none of them shock me from reading older stories here. That trip back in 05 still doesn't seem real at all. Thanks for the info and if I do come back soon I will be posting again.



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Ahhh, yes; the infamous '05 Dubbs tour. I'm sure one uniquely bejewelled, Soi Cowboy maiden is still searching the sois, hoping for a return engagement. She has not been seen in these parts, or more accurately, we have not seen her parts in a long while.


Watch out for those metal detectors!

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She's at Midnite now...referring to the Cat Woman ex of DollHouse. She was quite miffed at me cuz I took Ms Birfday Prezzie rather than her last time in there...


If you are referring to Polly Palsy, I've not seen her a a year or more.






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