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Game in Thailand


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You never met her? Ex of No Name and Rawhide. Easily the most sexually aggressive female I have ever met anywhere. Even extremely experienced cocksmen (several, who shall remain nameless) reported they had to wait a few days before fucking again cuz she wore them out! :dunno::dunno::applause::applause::grinyes::grinyes::crazy::crazy::shocked::shocked:


Tis true, I tell ya.


Polly fell in lub with young Dubbs. Cat Woman was just horrified yet fascinated by his PA.





PS - She got her name from her partially paralyzed face...

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A few years back there was a non-pro nympho a friend liked to set up unsuspecting guys with. She would apparently go wild, clawing a guy's back, screaming ... that sort of stuff. Plus she wanted it about six times a night.


One "victim" said to me, "I'll never go near that woman again!" He claimed it took him days to recover. She must be in her mid to late 30s now. Wonder if she is still at it.


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yes Polly Palsy, she did me around 9 or 10 times in a night and I did take the day off the next day as well. Never got a chance to do catwoman although she stalked me at the bathroom to take her for the night (I said no because I had drinks and wanted to chill despite later going to nana hotel w/ dddave and hooking up I think was girl # 6 maybe). ahh I love this planet.



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