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Is this plausible? I hope so... :)


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I posted it in general as I didnt think it was relevant to nightlife or relationship...


I ve been chatting online with this girl recentely. More specifically on myspace.com, which is a massive networking, socialising site. Many bands, and famous people have a myspace homepage...


Well this is the girl I ve been chatting to


Angel Locsin


This must be too good to be true. She was voted in FHMs top 100 sexiest women in the world.


I exchanged a few emails with her. Do you think this is really her. I guess it could be. She says she wants to meet people who know her for her not the status she has. She said shes tired of the constant schedule and wants to meet people to bring some normality in her life.


I m pretty sure her myspace page is genuine as lots of models/actors/musicians have their page on here...so far she has talked about sport and loves cooking...along with general chit chat.


BTW, she contacted me first and not the other way round.


What do you think?

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thanks for your thread. sounds very interesting :-)


understand your insecurity or wish to share this 'too good to be true' experience, but really there's only 1 who really have a chance knowing somewhat whether this could in fact be your lucky time or totally unlikely.


now if you really want this board to comment seriously dont u think u need to link her myspace profile perhaps along with your own(in order to establish your 'game')?


you better realize few here probably have personal experiences with myspace networking 'coz I don't & I've been networking on the net for years;)


anyways whats the worst t5hat could happen by taking this girl to the end - dating, fucking, marrying, have children the worst - well I suppose you could tire of thai360 real soon :beer:


oh another thing just because someone is a model doesn't necessary make her the most attractive dating material around rite? she could be a tortal nutcase, airhead whatever & hey her body is not that hot really is it?

I've had better IMHO :)


chok dee

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JS, people lie online because they can...really 90% of the stuff that's written by folks on 'community' web pages is bullshit, it is how it is...consider this...why does an internationally known 'model' decide to approach you? Are you some godlike being? Is your profile (and i presume photo) so awe inspiring that one of the top 100 sexiest women in the world decided to take time out and choose you to approach and converse with? Now i guess it could happen, but dammit man, what's the odds?


Maybe i'm wrong...maybe you really are 'gods gift'....


My guess is there's some nerdy geeky pizza eating dweeb(s) behind this...or some real ugly behemoth of a lady...get them to video chat...see what's going on...and if it is her, then chok dee!

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[color:red]"so why do people go on and pretend to be someone else."



I keep asking myself that lately. Just recently, I thought I wanted to be just like God and kill everybody just like God did when he tried drowning everybody in Noah Ark's time. I even went and asked some Christians if they wanted to go to Heaven. Each and every one said "Yes!" but when I looked them in the eye and asked them "You want to go now?" They looked at me as if I was a lunatic. Figure it out, I can't.

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I have to admit for a second I thought fuck its maybe possible. However I checked the local time in Manila when she was online, around 10.30pm.


I googled her name and some celeb news and found a site that she was at a premier of her latest movie...So i sent a email to her saying "I m glad you found the time to write to to a complete stranger while bein at your movie premier" Bit of piss taking. Never got a reply. Surprise surprise.


Faustian, I m not Brad Pitt most definitely. I m not the worst looking guy or the best either.


To be honest there are some real asian girls online who are as good looking anyway.

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