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what irritates you in Football?.


i have a list,in no particular order.


1.non English People thinking they know about English Football,get back to your 3rd rate Leagues........ :neener::cover::mooning:


2.diving and the Refs letting them get away with it.


3.Players failing to retreat 10 Yards at a free-kick.

i would book every last one of them if i was in charge.

i remember a Ref doing that many Years ago,the looks on the Players faces was priceless.... :grinyes:


4.Goalkeepers thinking they are special and immune to having anyone come within 5 Yards of them...... :banghead:


5.Goalies breaking the rules when facing a Penalty and the Ref for letting them get away with it..... :doah:


5.French Players with silly names.

Thierry,it Henry as in the English Kings,not On-Ree.

Ginola,it's David not Daveed,when did anyone ever hear of Daveed and Goliath?.

just look at the example of Cantona,he was ERIC,not Air-Reeeek.


6.the culture of sacking Managers when they have not won the PL or CL after not being a chance to make their mark at a Club.


7.Supporters of 19 PL Teams thinking they have a chance of winning the PL.............. :rotfl::rotfl:


we all know who the winner will be........ :thumbup:



for paying Gazillions on Players just to stunt their progress..... :nono:


9.injury rules.

if an outfield Player is injured he has to leave the pitch and his Team play with 10 Men until he is fit to return or a Sub comes on.

but a Goalie is allowed treatment on the pitch and the Game gets delayed.

why don't the rules apply to him as well... :dunno:


10.Players from hot Countries moaning about the weather in Northern Europe.

WTF,don't they know it gets cold in this part of the World......... :wanker:

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Moaner Maureen is a twat,granted....... :wanker:


but he doesn't need anyone to make himself look foolish,he pretty adept at doing it himself........ :grinyes:

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Jose Morinho...agree completely....other less annoying things:


Play acting, really, yellow card all diving. I want post match analysis of this as well, any idiot diving should be carded. Have the ref check the game after, award cards in retrospect...should stop diving and keep the refs on their toes.


Footballers being paid too much and then behaving like they are superstars. I really don't give a f*ck about them as people, but they appear to think everyone does. Wrong!

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pick another Number my Friend........ :smirk:


Yeah, right, uh, possibly # 4???? :beer:

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after match analysis is pointless really.


it does nothing during the Game itself.

a Player could score the winning Goal and then be banned later on,but will the Games result be changed?........no chance.


things need to be addressed straight away.

the 4th Official is only there to be a Sub in case of injury or to tell the Ref that a Manager swore and deserves to be sent off and fined after a hearing.


let's have a 5th Official watching a monitor and in touch with the Ref.

we all know that TV can spot any incident within Seconds so why not use the technology?.

it's used in other Sports and doesn't take that much time.


the Officials are infalliable and that's not their fault,but crucial mistakes can make a difference.

what pisses me off is that the attacking Team are supposed to get the advantage in a tight offside decision,but this rerale happens.

the Defence get the majority of decisions........

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