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Bodysplash from USA


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Would appreciate it if a US-based member can bring these items to Bangkok (6 products - $30 total) Only this week though, some kind of big annual sale thingie according to my girl :rolleyes:

Not available in Thailand hence my request.


PM me if possible. Thanks.

Oh.. I'll buy you a beer if you're a drunk like me :beer:


Brand: Bath and Body Works

Type: Body Splash

1. Country Apple

2. Pearberry

3. White Cherryblossom

4. Midnight Pommegranate

5. Wild Honeysuckle

6. Sparkling Peach

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You're right about checked luggage. I never check luggage so am not familiar with those requirements. Learned something new today!! If it don't go in my carry on , it don't go. Hope someone can help you out with your request. 88 days to go!! Can hardly wait.

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Completely forgot to check this thread :)


Did get some help btw (thanks HH) but it seems my girl found out too late about this sale thingie..but worry not.. she's got her eye and some other products I believe.. more info later :rolleyes:

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