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JP Bar... yup, it rocks


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Damn you lot, damn you to hell! :cool: I was kinda hoping that last comment would quietly disappear into bandwidth oblivion, instead it sits around undisturbed, untouched, unmolested for 4 long days!


What I *really* meant to say was...


'JP is best for the fact that it's still open after all the other places have closed... [color:gray]and / or if you find your alcohol of choice is still seeing you quite happy...'[/color]


There, fixed.

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Sorry, chief - wasn't going to put my fingerprints on that one, you had to dig out on your own...


I've had very wholesome experiences at this esteemed establishment, though it does attract a mixed clientele. As I'm north american, there's a bit of jet lag, and I frequently find myself well out of sorts upon arrival in Asia. JP fits the bill as the perfect place for the radically jet-lagged, or the kind of guy who just gets more and more rowdy the more he drinks.


wonderlust: As to anal skanks - I'm sure you could find a skank or two willing to meet your particular needs at this venu, they're quite an accommodating group, in general.


special1 (or whoever you were?): as is often pointed out, the stunner is in the eye of the beerholder, and those holding beers during JP's peak hours tend to notice a remarkably high proportion of stunners around them. It's almost uncanny.




YimSiam ;)


The above post is rated G for General Audiences.

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Went there this morning. I counted 20 girls of whom half were doable. Strange sort of place. One guy totally out of his face dancing alone. Some girls dancing round their handbags. Everyone seemed to have some sort of direction except me (I'd just been woken up early so just popped in to look). Would have shagged any of about 5 girls if one had cared to approach me but none did. Surreal.

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I know what you mean. The girls are just too relaxed there sometimes. I remember last year being knackered and, knowing I would be checking out later that day, wanting to take a girl home. Even though she liked me, her interest in having "just one more game" of pool at 6am was just too much and I sloped off home alone. :dunno:

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"relaxed" may be the wrong word, just disinterested in working for the moment - like approaching wildlife, it's sometimes best to approach JP bar girls slowly, from downwind, always leaving an escape route open - some of them startle like thompson's gazelles on occasion, and next thing you know they're all throwing bottles and pulling hair... you don't want to be caught in that... also like thompson's gazelles, you just have to wait them out, once they've expended their burst of energy, it's easy to separate one from the group and make your move...


I've seen that 'one last game' thing at 11 am, some poor guy begging a girl to go home, he's put hours into what should be a simple low-end ST arrangement... and in the end she'll send him off and keep playing.


Strange place, that.

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Strange indeed - beyond visible, it sometimes seems like the darkness is even tangible as you work yourself finally, resolutely out of the shadows and into the light (thank god for the mototaxis)... It was only on about my third JP morning (consecutive? can't recall) that I realised that the reason I put my sunglasses on for the short ride back to the hotel with [run Random TG Name Generator App] is not to keep the bright light out, it's to keep the damn darkness in...


Consider this a formal request for a trip report, however brief, on JP - you know you'll end up there, so no excuses. This thread just might give "Bored" a run for its money...


cheers -



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