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Asian Cup 2007

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Very unfair and undeserved score line for the Thai team who dominated the game but didn't succeed to score.


Jesus, Limbo - I accept that I may not be terribly unbiased here, and I dont know diddly about the World Game compared to the majority of regulars, but isnt that whole 'scoring' thing the aim of the game ? I could understand if it was a one or two goal difference, but *4* ? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt that considered an 'emphatic' win in soccer/football ?


That said, a champion team will always beat a team of champions, and that has long been the Socceroos Achilles Heel : they just dont get enough match practice as a team, IMO.


(I'll know return quietly to the primeval swamp from whence I came and leave this thread to the true believers).




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What I'm saying is, that for the resistance and domination of the Thai team, a 4-0 score is not in line of how the game developed on the pitch.


It makes the Aussie team look better than they really are and I think they will have a tough nut to crack vs the Japanese team.


The only thing your lot can hope for is that they're growing into the tournament. As a team, they didn't convince me yesterday and it wasn't untill Cahill came on that some good chances were created and more over, he gave the assist to all 3 goals in the 2nd half.


It's also Thailands lack of scoring ability that didn't help them.

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Odds to win the Cup :nahnah:


Japan 3.30

Australia 3.50

Iran 4.70

Korea Republic 10.00

Iraq 10.00

Saudi Arabia 11.00

China 11.00

Uzbekistan 35.00

Vietnam 35.00

Bahrain 51.00

Indonesia 67.00


Would think that Uzbekistan are gone...after tonight, need to beat China :surprised: . Bahrain play Saudi and this could be just a kissing match :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Korea play Indonesia in Jakarta (mmmm... :alert: )


A few bucks on China.... would be the way to go.


Sorry that this thread is not Thai-related but...

there gooooooooone. :evil: 555555

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