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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Nice informative post. But I am not quite ready to lump in AIDS with HBV or Diabetes as just another manageable chronic disease...


Does not HIV/aids still rank the number 1# fatal infectious disease in the world clearly topping TB?


Too many posts here have "sugar-coated" their responses solely based on the heavy medication one will have to be on the rest of their life..I just don't buy into one can still live a normal and healthy life. When you come down with this disease or one of the other ones you mentioned, it is far from a "healthy" existence. You are basically trying to keep your T-cell count from dropping to a certain level so really the drugs are not improving one's health but just trying to keep it from deteriorating to a level safely away from where opportunistic infections take over....


Another sad part is the negative stigma and isolation still attached to people with hiv/aids in the workplace and in society in general compared to say a TB infection. It just aint the same as perceived by the public (employers, insurance comapnies, gov policies, associations, etc) so there is a long way to go on the psycho-social acceptance level....


I don't think HIV/AIDS should be minmized just because drugs clearly support in suppressing (not completely) the symptoms of AIDS as well as, extending people's lives longer. It says nothing of quality of life...


I think it is still an unbelievable shock and trauma for these folks as the rest of their lives and how they live their life is forever changed. It must be so dramatic that only they can truly reflect what it feels like to be infected and the fight and perseverance to live on under immense strain and stress...


You might wish to comment on the E-strain in LOS as it seems that some info is flying about here that might or might not be true?









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It takes 3 months to show up on the test? Not sure, but I think I was told this at one time.


Just my foggy memory.


It can take up to 6 months for HIV antibodies to form. The standard test detects these antibodies. So take the test again at 6 months. :twocents:

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HI guys, thanks again for all the words of support and all the useful and informative info.


I met my HIV specialist yesterday. He is from Malaysia. He was really good...anyway, I had some good news. My CD4 cell count was 810. The doc said thats high, and he is in no way concerned. It could be possible to go for 8 years without meds, but nothing is definite. He said my immune system is dealing really well with it. The average cd4 in a healthy person is 450, so I m 400 above the average, with the top range bein about 1200 CD4.


he talked more about the mental side of things than the medical, as he isnt worried about the medical side. He also put a bet on with me that I would die of a non HIV related illness...and hopefully of old age. Its all encouraging. The only thing that has changed is I m sexually infectious...which will take some lifestyle changes.


I went out with 2 close mates lastnight and had several beers to celebrate the good news...my friend tested negative yesterday also. We had both slept with a couple of the same girls, but luckily he was ok...again thanks for the kind words...there is nothing so bad that cant be overcome with a positive mental attitude. In some ways, this could be a blessing. I think I will appreciate my life more now and make better use of my time...

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I dont know you of course, but i think you have done and really brave and important thing by revealing this (and by getting tested in the 1st place and not just living in denial and passing it on)



I was just gonna post how you are more likely to die of old age rather than an HIV related illness, but u stole my thunder.



I hope you keep posting here and hope these asshoole "macho" barebackers will take note.



Good luck to you , if u want a pint anytime gimmie a shout*


































*please note this is not an offer of a date



















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