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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Dear thai360 fellows you're so funny... you're all aching so much to help out a fellow boardmember you end up believing your own BS... no matter what the medecine can make to transmission from father to child, beeing a known HIV case has negative social and emotional consequences, which was pretty much the point of my initial post.


It may make sense to test oneself if one is decided to go on protected sex after the test but that's about it, fuck a relatively stranger bareback again and you're in for the same stress... be tested positive... well... JS will tell us if he thinks he has the same opportunities as before... and the same level of happiness. The answer is so obvious some here are pathetic.


Die, live, who should really care about others' hardship ?? But your delusion is interesting.


Well Pigland, I m glad the answer is so obvious to you...maybe you could be a psychologist after all...however if you are looking for one dont spend your time looking under "c" in the yellow pages, cos as you can see it starts with a "p", in case you didnt know that...


And also, I trust that people on here are bein very sincere, and its great. I would love to have a beer or two with some guys on here.


It might surprise you, but I do think I have the same opportunities, and actually I think I will find more meaningful relationships now than before. Also, as hard as you may find this to believe. I havent felt happier now than about 18 months. I ve got a new attitude to life. Maybe I m wrong...and I m deluding myself...I dont know. What members were talking BS?

Everyone has offered practical advice...apart from Dabbish, but he did nt mean any harm.


BTW, Spirit of Town Hall, great metaphor :D ...about speed and autism...very apt in this case.


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Does not HIV/aids still rank the number 1# fatal infectious disease in the world clearly topping TB?
It depends on who you talk to, whose statistics you believe, and how gullible you are with regard to those statistics.


If you take the African numbers at face value, and you agree with their claim that the problem is AIDS, then, yes, it does so rank.


If you look at the African statistics, you find two things.


First, in the vast majority of the African AIDS cases, NO TEST FOR THE VIRUS WAS EVER DONE AND NO OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE EXISTS THAT THE DECEASED WAS HIV+, MUCH LESS HAD FULL-BLOWN AIDS. The diagnosis is based on a pattern of disease that looks a lot like malnutrition and other poverty-related conditions, that have been and continue to be pandemic in the African continent.


Second, far more important: Africa has always had ugly life expectancy and death rate statistics. AIDS is a NEW disease. As far as can be told, it did not exist in the wild, in any measurable fraction of the population, prior to sometime in the 1970s or so. As a new, lethal disease, the introduction of AIDS to Africa should have made an obvious, visible change in the life expectancy and death rate statistics, since NOTHING ELSE WAS CHANGING and the old causes of death were STILL killing people, at the same rates.


To oversimplify, with a contrived example: Suppose that Machine Gun Kelly is killing 100 FBI men per year. Baby Face Nelson moves into Kelly's turf, and starts killing 100 IRS men per year. Assuming an adequate supply of G-men, Uncle Sam should now be doing 200 funerals per year: 100 FBI and 100 IRS. If, however, Uncle Sam is only planting a total of 100 men per year, then someone needs to explain what has caused Machine Gun Kelly to hang up his guns.


This, basically, is what the African statistics show. Despite the addition of a new, lethal disease to the mix, the African life expectancy and death rate statistics have not changed in a way consistent with expectation. It is not possible to find an uptick, or a before/after corner in the curves, that show that AIDS has become a significant player in the African Death Game.


This calls the African AIDS statistics seriously into question. Once you question those, and you look instead at first-world data, you find that AIDS is a very small bit player indeed. Heart disease and cancer are MUCH, MUCH worse. So, for that matter, is influenza.


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HI guys, thanks again for all the words of support and all the useful and informative info.


I met my HIV specialist yesterday. He is from Malaysia. He was really good...anyway, I had some good news. My CD4 cell count was 810. The doc said thats high, and he is in no way concerned. It could be possible to go for 8 years without meds, but nothing is definite. He said my immune system is dealing really well with it. The average cd4 in a healthy person is 450, so I m 400 above the average, with the top range bein about 1200 CD4.


he talked more about the mental side of things than the medical, as he isnt worried about the medical side. He also put a bet on with me that I would die of a non HIV related illness...and hopefully of old age. Its all encouraging. The only thing that has changed is I m sexually infectious...which will take some lifestyle changes.


I went out with 2 close mates lastnight and had several beers to celebrate the good news...my friend tested negative yesterday also. We had both slept with a couple of the same girls, but luckily he was ok...again thanks for the kind words...there is nothing so bad that cant be overcome with a positive mental attitude. In some ways, this could be a blessing. I think I will appreciate my life more now and make better use of my time...


That really is good news, :up: and your clearly strong sense of fortitude will be just as necessary and beneficial to you from now on. I was a bit three sheets to the wind :drunk: when I made a rambling what-the-f*ck's-he-on-about-must-be-back-on-the-sauce :rolleyes: post earlier in this thread. All (I think :drunk: ) I was trying to say was: good luck, be strong, give thanks for what you have. Don't let the sun catch you crying, or the rain. :nono: Stay strong. Don't let life whip you. Tell it who's boss. :mad:


You've got lots of friends here who support you. Even across oceans and in silence, we're there for you, with you, mate. :hug:


jack :help:

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hi. Glad to see you are following up on the psychological side of the equation. I feel that this would be very important to me if I were in your shoes. I hope things continue to move in a positive direction for you.


Please keep us posted.




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"Also, as hard as you may find this to believe. I havent felt happier now than about 18 months. I ve got a new attitude to life. Maybe I m wrong...and I m deluding myself...I dont know"



No JS, you're not deluding yourself... HIV gives people such a positive attitude to life that's why they're dying to get it...


Basically, I don't feel like challenging your thinking and would likely only go and check for HIV if I had some health troubles or suspicious blood tests (which isn't the case, and I did test negative years back after lots of sexually risky behaviour)


Good luck and all that positive stuff...



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