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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Get another test! One of the Nanapong DC winners a few years ago was devastated to get told she was HIV positive. The guys took her to Bamrungrad for more tests. Turned out she had diabetes. I also heard of a guy who got a positive result here in Thailand and went back to the States for a second test. The US test was negative.


But even if it is positive, with modern medication you can keep the HIV from becoming active for decades. You can still live a normal life span despite it. What's the basketball player's name, Magic Johnson? How many years has it been and his HIV is not active. And some years down the road, there may well be a cure for it.


Good luck and God bless.





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It's not as bad as before. You can live a normal life-span nowadays with all the treatments available, side-effects are reduced and there's only a tiny chance you won't respond to any treatment.


You probably won't even have to take medicine until your virus load gets high enough or your T-cells low enough - maybe a couple of years.


I guess your counsellor/clinic people told you all that already? Finally, you're lucky you live in a country where the treatments are paid for.


Here's a resource you may find useful if you haven't seen it already - http://www.thebody.com/


Good luck

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I can't even begin to imagine what thoughts are running through your head right now. I can't add more to what the other guys have said, but if it is bad news then fortunately you are in a place where antiviral drugs are available and in 2007 a lot more is known about HIV than there was 20 years ago.


I remember "My Scare" a few years ago, after splitting up from the ex-wife here in Thailand I had a Hedonistic 12 months and eventually got my life back on the rails and looked for work again. I was offered a job in the Middle East and had to fly to UK for a medical, 4 hours later I got a phone call telling me "there is a problem with your blood sample" but they would not tell me what it was, 72 hours later it was a relief to be told my Alpha-Gamma Count was too high (Signs of Alcoholism)


Stay Positive mate!



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JS, appreciate your post, your integrity, honesty and bravery.


There will be a cure. It's going to take a while, but it's possible to remove it from 99% of the body.... The actual virus can be held at bay for a long long time now.


If you want anyone contacted or any help LOS end, let me know man...


Take care and never give up.


Best wishes and kindest regards. ZN.

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Feel sorry but:

- You said you are wealthy enough to afford the decent treatments so you will live an almost normal life (including sexual life)


- I have a dutch friend. He caught HIV 6 years ago

(Thailand type E) and he is in better health than most of us......only downside he feels is the fact he has to take XX pills every day.

What devastated him the most?

Some of his "close" friends left him when he told them he had HIV.


- Thank you for warning us.


- Hope to catch up with you one day in bkk and let you offer me a beer.




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That is some tough news to handle. I admire your courage to come out and say it. It is much easier to walk away from this message board, than share it with us like you did. I feel the worst part is over for you. you confronted your fear and got that test. Yes, it came back positive, but at least you can get on with your life. Only good can come from it. Don't beat yourself up about things you may have done wrong. We are all humans and we all make mistakes sometimes, but bad things happen for no reason. It is up to you to make the most of it. It could be a blessing in disguise. Life's what you make it.


I wish you all the best!



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Greatly saddened by this news J.S. It takes some courage to bypass personal privacy to post such information for the benefit of others. I've learned something about HIV today from what you have written, and from a site another board member noted earlier in his response.






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