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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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I find your analogy between driving a motorcycle in Thailand and catching AIDS pretty dumb. I had a motorcycle accident in Thailand, yet I am still here to talk about it. Being diagnosed with an HIV infection is life changing and certainly a death sentence.


Rickfarang, you had a motorcycle accident and survived, lucky for you I'm glad to hear it. Many thousands in Thailand every year don't. Including my father in law who died in september after being in a coma for 2 weeks after a motorcycle accident in the village. If you ride a bike in Thailand you are taking a gamble. You may never come off, you might have the odd minor prang or you might end up dead or in a wheel chair for life? I'm not suggesting blokes have unprotected sex, however if you have unprotected sex with a women who is HIV positive there is about a 99% chance you will not become HIV positive from that one encounter. You would have been lucky just as many are on their motorbike. However if your one of the unlucky ones you face the future having tests and taking anti retroviral drugs. If your unlucky on a bike you face a coffin or life in a wheel chair. The thing that really tickles me at times are blokes I'm met in Thailand who are paranoid about HIV and relay to me how they are worrying themselves sick if they have one broken condom and they then roar off on their hired bike as pissed as a fart?!


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As a biker I really feel a lot safer on a 400cc sportsbike than risking it on a one-night stand bareback.

With a bike you can mitigate the risk, and can usually see the danger and take steps to avoid it.

Fully armoured and protected you can walk away from an accident that would otherwise kill or leave you incapacitated.

With HIV there are few, if any warning signs from someone who has it.

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I happened upon this thread a couple months ago, after having just come back from one of my many trips to Bangkok over the last few years. It rocked me some, because like many of you I found myself easily beguiled into barebacking many of the Sukhumvit girls. Yes, no doubt to some that behavior sounds unbelievably, unthinkably foolish. Others will say, if the risk of men contracting HIV from Thai girls is so great, there should be an epidemic long before now. Where is it? I was one of those, as I've long felt that it's almost impossible to contract HIV from heterosexual sex.


Yet, Jungle's post disturbed me some when I first read it (and my best wishes to him). But I was much more disturbed about a month ago, when I underwent an operation for skin cancer and the incision site immediately developed a bad infection -- an infection resistant to the usual antibiotics. I'd never had an infection like this before. My doctor (in the States) was puzzled and had never seen anything like it either. After repeated failed efforts to heal the wound, she finally mentioned that I might have HIV. Suddenly it all made sense. So did other things, like suicide.


I ended up spending time in hospital to deal with the infection, and took an HIV test there. They make you wait 3 days for results. Those who've been in my shoes know the difference, as I now know, between casual fears about maybe having HIV, and really good indications that you might. It's a world of difference. Waiting for those results was hell, what with the nagging realizations of all that being HIV positive would mean to my life coming alive in full technicolor. Some people here will know what I mean, others will blow it off. I can understand both ways of looking at this.


The doctors finally managed to control my infection, but that was actually small comfort with the fears of having HIV still unresolved. But someone from the hospital called me a few hours ago with the test results, and it turns out I'm HIV negative. The relief is tremendous to say the least. Yet I'm glad for the all the fear because it's finally awakened me to the reality of the risk.


I will probably always have doubts about the exact amount of risk involved in barebacking thai girls. The statistical risk may indeed be quite small. Even so, I don't ever want to go through these HIV fears again.





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but jaydating what's with your signature link (hidden agenda)?

I find it highly misguiding at best - main prostution centers in bkk & pty? mate they're everywhere in LOS especially in border areas like the north - we're not talking farang hiv epicentres in LOS are we now? :hmmm::rolleyes:

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