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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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... The raw fish that is so avidly consumed in the stilt houses that sit among rice paddies and wetlands of the country’s northern provinces contain parasites that can accumulate in the liver and lead to a deadly cancer. Known as bile duct cancer, it is relatively uncommon in most parts of the world but represents the majority of the 70 liver cancer deaths a day in Thailand, according to Dr. Banchob Sripa, the head of the tropical disease research laboratory at nearby Khon Kaen University.


“It’s the most deadly and persistent cancer in the region,†Dr. Banchob said.


For the past three decades, he has led an unsuccessful campaign against the parasite, known as a liver fluke and which is also endemic in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, parts of China, the Korean Peninsula and Siberia.






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Anyone know how Junglesoup is doing? If I am ever in the UK for an extended period of time I'd love to check in on him. I have been fine tuning my "concoction" as I call it. 

I boil lemon, ginger, green tea bag, guava tea bag (found it and decided to add it), mint leaves and moringa leaves in water. Enough for a pitcher, 2 liters. 

I also have in powder form cinnamon, red ginseng, tumeric, a little baking soda, yohimbe, pomegranate peel powder (found it while in a herb shop decided to buy it), arginine ornithine powder from my heavy workout days, a healthy teaspoon of each, mixed up 

I got a blender and mix broccoli, spinach, banana, kale, assorted fruits and natural fruit juice, I add in the boil mixture and a tablespoon of the powder concoction. a few drops of black seed oil, and a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar. 

Before I take the concoction I drink a tea spoon of wheat germ oil first thing in the morning. I used to add it but the residue from it was too messy. So I just take it separately.

Anyway, the kick from that friggin' mixture of all of it is like a horse...haha. I snack on nuts (almonds) and fruits throughout the day and drink that mixture periodically. I've found that 

1. I have a ton of energy

2. I don't feel or get hungry quite as much

3. I have less bowel movements and its a solid healthy movement 

4. I've lost weight especially combined with regular exercise. 

Side note on exercise. I don't do heavy lifting, I don't overdo it. I listen to my body. I will go on the elyptical for 10 to 20 minutes depending on how I feel. I do core workouts. Pull ups in different positions, dips, push ups. Some weight training but light weight, high reps and afterwards I go for a swim till I breathe hard. 

As you can tell I got into a very healthy lifestyle and I feel better about myself and feel better period. I eat either smoked salmon or broiled or grilled chicken mostly. Rarely red meat. 

I do get tested regularly. Even though I don't do what is deemed high risk sex any longer (or not much..lol) meaning unprotected anal sex with girls. Whether we admit it or not we have all done some "stupid" things in hindsight years ago when we first started visiting SE Asia. 


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  • "Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg and owlet's wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble."            (Macbeth Act 4 Scene 1)
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I do get tested regularly. Even though I don't do what is deemed high risk sex any longer (or not much..lol) meaning unprotected anal sex with girls.


You completely and utterly disgust me.   You laugh out loud at the prospect of infecting a poor girl with HIV by taking her up the arse?  What kind of sick monster are you?  The sooner you die, the better. 

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I hope I have a few more years left, despite your wishes. 😀 I haven't had unprotected anal sex in Thailand for ages. If you must know, the last time was an ex gf of mine when I was working with a company in Korea. Since the Koreans test you for everything under the sun, we were both pretty confident (although I wouldn't advise it) neither of us had anything. 


Anyway, now that, that is settled, how is Junglesoup doing anyone? 

PS: I am not angered or triggered by your post. Water of a duck's back for me. Too old to be concerned about the feelings of people who don't know me. I responded about the details just for the board's sake. I do agree with you about unprotected anal (or otherwise) sex with regards to the dangers. That's stating the obvious though, isn't it. No one is advocating it. We are all pretty much relieved we were able to walk away from  previous stupid decisions.


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