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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Don't know you but if I saw you I'd give you a hug. Easy for everyone to say stay positive but you know you have to. I'll share my beliefs whether people here agree or disagree but you can do what you want with it. Your mind has more control over your body than most people think, people who feel sorry for themselves all the time with a negative mindset tend to get sick more often and you get the opposite with happy and postive-minded people. A book I highly recommend is "The power of your subconscious mind" by dr. joseph murphy. I probably have many other books (psychology, NLP, self help) I would recommend for reading but that one sticks out the most for me.


I can't relate and not sure how else to help but if there is anything I can say or do to help then I will.


Keep your head and your spirit up!



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Thanks for maybe the most IMPORTANT post I've EVER read on this board. Certainly a topic that all of us have probably had concerns over at some point in our p4p experiences...and even by those who "get it for free". The big thing, as other guys have noted above, somebody has brought the topic "close to home" and is an unkind reminder to us all that "it's out there" and any of us can be targeted.


Thanks again.



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Once again, to everyone, deep thanks and gratitude. I know this might sound a little self obsessed, but it is comforting to hear peoples words of support...


Dubbs, I agree. The mind plays a big part in the outlook. Its really important to stay positive(excuse the punn)


I ll be doin lots of research on this virus. I think its one ilness where its important for the infected person to really educate themself about it.


From, what I ve been reading, the experts say that the anti-viral drugs arent the longterm solution to the illness. They think the answer will lay within using the bodies own cells to heal. Manipulation of certain cells that can stop the virus replication.


HIV seems to be able to hide, and mutate, and escape the bodies immune system. Howver thanks to some really powerful tools from microsoft that perform unbelievably complex and millions of calculations per second, they can now analsyse how the virus moves. They are learning more and more about it...lets hope the that for anyone living with this that the great drugs keep us going long enough for the cure.


I m a realist also. HIv cures have been full of false dawns. However, i think they will get one eventually.


Again, thanks for all the words, and the links provided. They are all very useful and comforting.


Be safe guys, find a nice girl and settle down... :D


I m off to the hospital at 11.00 am for the confirmation. Have a nice day :)

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The mind plays a big part in the outlook. Its really important to stay positive(excuse the punn)



I m off to the hospital at 11.00 am for the confirmation. Have a nice day :)



you are an amazing individual, first for sharing this with this board and for your sense of humour. keep that stiff upper lip and best of luck.


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Good luck bro; Keep a strong mental, positive attitude. I have been one of the lucky-one, but no-one is invincible and we all take unfortunate risks when in LOS (or anywhere else in the World) and with unprotected sex. I also had some really bad advice on contracting HIV and AIDS related issues, but fortunately only got a minor consequence of â??somethingâ?? nasty. Have always learnt from the lessons of those times.


Here is a link for amFAR has some good information on the latest developments and research findings.




Keep strong��stay happy, be positive.


Best wishes


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Hey Chris!


Nothing much to add really, I think other posters have said it all. You're approaching this with a great attitude that will make all the difference.


In any case, as you said earlier, you feel ok, I'm assuming you look fine, as long as you take the meds and look after yourself you'll probably live as long (if not longer) than many on this board.


Thanks for sharing this with us, and for giving us a kick up the arse, you certainly have my respect.


Chin up bro!

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Hi Chris,


Like many posters have said you have shown considerable bravery in posting this, it should serve as a wake up call to us all, I know it has for me. I will pray for a cure which I am sure will be found. Hope you stay fit and healthy and I will even hope that Arsenal win the CL this year to keep you cheery.


Best wishes,


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I'm sorry for the shit I'll say now. But indulge me.


In the selected parts of dreams, if we can do that, this will be my part. There is a door never locked; it is my door.


And if it opens, and if it is you, you will be let in. You will be welcomed.


There has always been a poetry of sorts in what I've tried to do, and it has led me wandering to love on here. I thank the friends I've made here; they know who they are. They know the messes and the joy I'm in, and I will be there for them as they have been there for me if they become awry.


I'm bearing up. You must keep bearing up. There is that door.


Good luck to you. I love you, man. It's just the shit we've got to deal with. That's all. You will be all right.


jack :help:

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