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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Very sorry to hear your news, i dont wanna give you false hope or anything, but my friend was tested as HIV positive, had it confirmed 3 months later, went thru hell and back for a long time


Then 7 years later, he had a blood test for something else and it was found to be Hepatitis C he had, rather than HIV



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How the heck did that happen???


Not doubting your story in any way Shibuya, but if that's the case then that is medical incompetence on a grand scale.


I would have thought that something strange would have shown up during the regular blood tests that HIV+ people have to take to check the amount of virus in the blood and decline of T-cells. i.e. Nothing would show up in the way of a virus so they would know he wasn't HIV+.


Unless he didn't have a blood test for 7 years after being told he was positive, which for an HIV+ person is basically a death-wish to avoid blood tests for that amount of time.


Did he sue the doctors / hospital that performed the original test?

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I do not know you, but I want to thank you for posting this on the board. You have done us all a great service. Too often people think this is just a disease for gays or iv drug users, and we minimize or dismiss the dangers of unprotected heterosexual contact. You have undoubtedly opened a few eyes, and you may well save more than one person from going thru the same fate as yours.


Be strong mate ... we are all pulling for you.

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I just re-read your post and it appears you waited 17 months before you got tested.Must have beenvery tough not knowing but suspecting...

IF you feel like it could you relate the circumstances in which you believe you got exposure to HIV? Random chick from the SUK ?-Nana?_"GTG" Uni Chick?

GF? Pick up from Cm2?


If you feel like sharing.. :sad:


Been on my mind all morning -Even GTG are risky business unless you are both tested for everything IMHO.

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Yes, i'm curious about the circumstances and also what led you to get a test, from having read lots about this today, it appears some have symptoms, some don't...even the initial flu like phase seems somewhat ad hoc, some seem to get it, others don't...there could be therefore many living with HIV and be utterly oblivious of that fact...very worrying!

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Around 18 months ago about 2 to 3 weeks after 2 exposures, I came down with ARS. This was a flu like no other.


It started with an extremely sore throat, then a few days later I came down with high fever. I would wake up in the middle of the night with the bed sheers soaking. I had profuse sweats. I could nt swallow my throat was so bad. I started taking amoxycillin, but they didnt help. This went on for about 17 days, with intermittent fever, but my throat got better.


I also had a white patchy tongue, like thrush. And about 2 weeks after I felt better, ie flu was gone, throat better, I had about 20 very painful mouth ulcers. Again I could nt eat. Through all this I continued to drink 1 or 2 bottles of whisky each day.


I knew in my heart after reading up online that I had seroconverted.


The incidents involved a GTG from Ratchada, and a sukhumvit, Angels disco type...I hedge my bets it was her. Poor girl probably doesnt know she had it...or did she? Who knows?


SInce that I ve felt fine. HAd a slight flu for a few days about 5 months ago.


The last 17 months or whatever its been have beeen tough. I ve tried to put it out of mind thinking that the odds were in my favour. But the not knowing got the better of me...I took the test and found out one week ago today...


I came back a few hours ago from the professor, consultant who showed me the green slip of the second test which said "reactive"


SO it is a sure thing now. I m sore and confused. Really guys this is the most horrible feeling that you can have. Dont put yourself through it. iT REALLY is not worth it. I mean that.


Even with a condom, there is a risk. If the base of your penis isnt covered then this subtype E which is rife in Thailand can connect to the langerphan cells on your skin. This was a harvard university study.


To make matters worse, the shit doctor told me I had tested positive for hepatitus B. Then he went out of the room, came back in and said it someone elses slip. A very stressful day. I ve broke down a few times. But you know, I m going to be fine. I hve got through the last few weeks without sleeping pills or anti depressants. I beleive I can befriend this virus and really keep it at bay for a long time.


Next up, is my viral load and cd4 cell count.


I m not confident in the NHS. Would Bumrungrad be a better option as they have more experience of dealing with this subtype e?


Any info would be appreciated...


Thanks for all the support. Talking about it helps.


Again, be careful and if you have any doubts get tested. The not knowing is worse...






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Well, JS, best of luck/science with the follow-up test. In any event, god-willing, I'm sure you'll live a long and healthy life, thanks to the remarkable advances that have been and will continue to be made!


As to those of us who are surprised, or warned, or motivated into action or awareness, or who suddenly realised that this disease can reach anyone... On the very same day JS was infected (crossing fingers and knocking on wood, of course, that the test was a misread), about 13,700 other human beings were infected; during that very same minute, statistics say that nine others were also infected. Most will not have access to the now-common drugs that would save their lives, and will die from TB or other common infections - ten percent in Africa will for a significant time prevent these infections through anti-retrovirals, and about 14 percent in Asia.


Everything will work out alright, gaeng paa!



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