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what is the ultimate first date in bangkok...need suggestions.


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I have been getting to know a bird for over two months now. Been chatting online,most days and talking on the phone. Really want to meet each other etc etc...


Now we want a really cool first date. We have a really nice friendship, and both feel like getting a little closer...So when we do finally meet, we decided it would be cool to do something memorable.


So I decided to stay at the Oriental Bangkok for a night. But nothing for sure yet. So, have you guys any ideas of how to wine and dine a girl in style in Bangkok? Lets say we ll be meeting early evening, and going from there...what would you do if you wanted a great night?

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Ice breaker Activity:

Do activity that requires both of you, that you can guide her through, but should also be something that requires you to talk. (not talking about sex yet!) (1-2 hours) This part kinda depends on what you are interested in and what you think she will be interested in.


Mood setter:

Then slow things down with a joint massage. (1 hour)



Then go for the romantic dinner at X..


Innocent flirtation:

Then after drinks.


Place, durations, whatever may change, but the game plan works great : )

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What's your definition of "a great night"? Ending up in bed? :)


Seriously, we don't know your idea of a great night and we don't know hers. You know yourself and you've been chatting with her for 2 months so you must have some idea of hers. Surely she must have dropped a few hints, like women do? :)


I wouldn't start at the Oriental myself. It's only down from there, surely, and doesn't necessarily make a great night unless she's into that.


Mahanaga? A couple of years ago when I was trying to impress a pretty unimpressible(?) girl, that did the trick. Not so posh that it isn't fun, romantic, she'll always find something she can eat (whereas posh farang food and cutlery might intimidate her.).


A cruise sounds OK. Or maybe you could spec out a few cosy places. I wouldn't make it too posh myself. Friendly and atmospheric rather than posh.


But I think you're trying too hard. You want "THE ULTIMATE FIRST DATE IN BANGKOK?" You wake up the next day. Then what are you going to do? You'll have to come up with THE ULTIMATE SECOND DATE, etc.

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Mahanaga is not "over the top" but can get expensive if you get carried away with drinks.

...glass of Champagne about 500 or 550 Bt++


Food is good and surroundings very nice indeed. The courtyard area is particularly pleasant (and quite romantic) and you would neve guess you are within 100 mtrs of Suk.


From memory, last time I picked up the Tab there, (4 people - 2 guys & 2 girls) it was about 8k


That included pre dinner drinks with Champagne for the girls....plus a reasonable bottle of Aussie Red, so the drink componant was around 4 -4.5k Bt of the 8k total.


No need to take a "Set", just order from the menu.

The Duck Spring Rolls are supurb and highly recommended by yours truely


Cheers DC

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