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Want anything from NZ?


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Well Peter is the subject of some footage on election night that showed him as the recipient of a real good Marylin Monroe dipping bend at the waist kiss, lotsa tongue, from a similarly bearded bloke. The footage was shown twice, before the minders got to the TV station. Helen's ahem, associate-friend was given a ministerial position and hasn't been seen since. But seriously, what do you get?


You get (if you are middle aged, employed and hetero) to provide taxes so that every minority that can manage to stand up and look confused can get a good suck of the teat.


This Woman ( and I use that word in a biological sense ) legalised gay civil unions and prostitution.


Now I happen to agree with that, but when the male visiting strip club issue came up she came out very much against it. Males having fun you see. Now if there had been an issue about girls having the right to work in a strip club, then she would have approved of that I'm sure.


Rant over and this is way off topic.


Ask me for something I can really bring :)





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