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T Minus 30 Days And Counting...


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I am now at nearly 18 months since I've been in Thailand last - I think by far the longest stretch since my first visit in 1995.  Looking to schedule a January 2020 trip, which brings it to almost TWO FUCKING YEARS!  What happened...  That means about 165 days to go, and yes, counting...

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I just booked the airline ticket an hour or so ago.  T minus 7 weeks and counting for a two week stay.

I still have to set up the hotel in BKK and the airport hotel here the night before, and I need to call AA to set up seat assignments on the JL legs and request the J upgrade on the return transPac hop.

I'm in coach on JL on the outbound transPac hop, which is better than AA MCE and *ALMOST* equivalent to AA PE.  And that's BEFORE you allow for JL vs. AA flight attendants...

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T minus two months AND COUNTING.

Crazy Farang 67th Birthday Party is currently GO.  Airline and hotel reservations are in place.

Airline is confirmed and ticketed.

I just put the hotel reservation in, after a quick phone call halfway around the planet to check on a room issue.  Hotel said "No problem, just note it on the reservation.")

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