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How are things in Patong


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I have just been reading the News section on the Rock Hard Phuket site - great news (sic) about only 4 GoGos left open, drinks at 140B and barfines up to 600B !!!

There is plenty of discussion here on the subject of BKK and Pataya and the effects of the new *social order* but precious little about Patong.

Can anyone share any info on what is happening on the ground right now?

Are there really only four GoGos left open?

How about all the beer bars in Bangla Road, Soi Easy, Soi Eric, et al.

I hope you can help, and thanks in advance,


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I am sitting in Patong right now. Well I have to say I won't go out of my way to come back here. It is a good jumping of point for some activities, but Patong is a big tourist trap as far as I can tell. Most prices are double that of anywhere else. I haven't even bothered to BF anyone.The gogo situations appears to be expensive and not a lot of fun. Although the beer bars are booming. But the girls in the beer bars are so pushy that even they aren't much fun. I think that from my slight and I do mean slight experiece Bangkok rules the roost, and Pataya comes in a close second. Here is a clasic example in Bangkok a taxi, a real taxi starts at 35 baht. The most I ever paid was 70 to go some place that seemed a long way off. In Pataya you can ride those little baht buses (trucks with benchs) for as little a 10 baht. And if you have to go way up the hill it will cost you only 60 or 80 baht for about a 10 min ride. In Patong they have all these little red micro truck things I mean they are really small. I think they replace all the 3 wheeled tuk tuk, because they call them tuk tuk or taxis. Well to go even the shortest distance they want 60 to 80 baht. They are lined up by the dozens, and no one will ride them. But hey keep hounding you all the way down the beach. Where you go. If one of these guys figure out that he could make a fortune just driving up and down the beach charging 10 and 20 baht like they do in Pataya but now they just sit there for hours trying to stick someone for 80 or 100 baht. And that seems to be the whole attitude in Patong. So its still Thailand, and its still great, but there are times I swear I will never figure this place out. Anyway blah blah and to all a good night.

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Vegas Dave:


Lucky you, sitting in patong now. ( I was there a few ( seems longer already) days ago

( nov. 9-14)

Are you useing a laptop in ur room, or a cafe?

I noticed lots of the internet cafe there this last time, even more than last june/july.

I think they got lots of things ready for the

alleged "high season".

did the tiger disco open yet, when we were there they were just putting on the finishing touches on it.

I did not notice any higher prices last time than in at least the past 2 years.

the places I went/ "hung out" at all had the same prices as b4. We did go into the new Scruffy Murphys pub, it did seem expensive, but very nice/clean inside. ( too touristy for me though)

The only fares we paid was airport car and

one of the "mini trucks" from beach road to soi paradise area, it was 20 bt. for 3 ppl.

I am sure the drivers have a tendency to ask for a lot more ( may depend on where you get on, like by shark club or larger hotel)

I find catching one that already has passengers, is moving you get a good deal.

just mention the destenation, and say 20ok.

( works for me anyway)

I think the only real "gyp" may be the fare to/from karon beach area at about 200bt.

I must admit, I did not take time to go to gogo bars or discos this time, just sort of hung out and relaxed, but the regular places I go to were the same prices as at least the past 2 years.

( Grille Hutte steak place is about the most expensive place we go, and same prices ( and menues) as past years.


we sat in one bar well past 2 am ( about 3:15 I think) were not hasseled about closing time, no drinks, ect.

I like your line about never figuring this place out. ( Thailand).

I hope I never do, it make take the fun out of it.


I'm sure you will come away from phuket with a good feeling overall.

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I visit Phuket roughly every six weeks for work and usually stay overnight in Patong. These people are some of the greediest and most short sighted in Thailand. In my opinion it will be a good thing if tourism drops right off, like it seems to be doing. Teach them a lesson.

I would never recommendthis place to a friend and would not go myself if it was not for work.


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Well, I have to agree with Vegas Dave and Roger...Pattong is a load of bollocks.

Sure, you can have fun there...but let's face it -- it's all geared towards the tourist that has no idea what things should cost or to be served.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind spending a week or so at perhaps Karon or Kata beach in Phuket. The beaches are nice.

Patong in itself though fills me with disgust.

As far as I'm concerned these tuk-tuk drivers in Patong can shove their Daihatsus up their a** (they fill fit). -- The tuk-tuk hustlers are indeed very tiring....

wink.gif" border="0


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Originally posted by Khun Straycat:

Pattong is a load of bollocks.

I usually reserve a trip to Patong (and rest of Phuket) once a year or two. I always take my Thai GF these days and gave up chasing girls there a long time ago. My GF and I still like it for the novelty value (a bit like Samui) as it's nothing like the rest of Thailand. We could never stay in these places long as we don't like the people, food or lifestyle as much as elsewhere in the country but it gives us a break. Saves me buying her tickets to some crap overseas holiday Club Med or Butlins as well!


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just returned from a couple of days in patong. there are definitely much more than 4 gogo bars left. in soi sea dragon alone are 4. for ladydrinks you have to tell her what she can order; otherwise she orders the most expensive one (baccardi breezer or wodka malibu and that stuff). can't tell about barfines as the more cute girls are at the beer bars or in the discos.

except the strict closing time at 0200 (however stayed in a bar in sawatirak until 0330 and at a kai yang selling shop (with beer and many girls) in bangla until 0430) everything seemed to me as previous years

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I agree about watching what they order, can run up the bin quickly.

My usual "moduls operendi" is to let her have the same as I am drinking. ( usually, tequlla, and a few of those and she is "fun to be with")( or in the rare instance where their inhibitions go away, so does the little charm they have, and they get "bitchy")


did you get a chance to check out the tiger disco that just opened? probably opened the day after we left. ( some luck).

Next time I have to dedicate more time to "research" and see if any of the smaller

( my favorite) bars are still going strong.

we did check out Captian Hooks bar/restraunt

( David, the Owner always wanders into my hang out ( the oasis) about 11), so we decided to try it for dinner. Was pretty good thai food,

pleanty for the low cost, but no action early in he evening.

Its in the soi paradise area though, so Capitin hooks is a good name for it

( lots of tinker bells and peter pans ( and some peterless pans too) in the area, so maybe not such a good place for the regular snuk'ing.

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Wow! Some very definite opinions here!

I have visited once before (at Songkran this year) and liked the place. Even BC (new one for you - Before Crackdown) I thought the GoGos in Patong were pretty lame compared to BKK or Pataya, but I did enjoy the beer bars. Even in April many of the bars were closing around 2am, but I/we were usually gone by that time (if I'm still in a bar at 2am then she needs to be strong, she will probably have to carry me!).

Yeah, I know all the bikes and tuk-tuk drivers are trying to rip me off but as pasathai says *just mention the destenation, and say 20ok*. If he says no then I walk, Its not that far to my hotel.

10 more days of hell then three weeks of sanuk.... maybe I'll get a chance to meet some of you guys while I'm there.

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