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Thai Con Artists ruin holidays


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My Erawan Con Artists photo site has well over 1,000 views so far.



Only the editor from the Bangkok Post responded to my emails.

All the others ignored the emails I sent them.


I drive by there now and then and still see them there swindling tourists.

The Erawan Security, the BTS Security, The Amarin Security, Gaysorn Security, Central World Security all see them there every day too.


Somthings wrong.


Don't you feel more and more like Don Quixote?


I am mean, one thousand clicks is nothing compared to numbers of tourists who go these places every year.


Also your Flickr site doesn't give any information how the scams works. Therefore, those who need information about the scam most, don't have an idea what you are talking about. Those who know will not be bothered to talk to the scammers. Those would should know - i.e. the authorities - doesn't give a shit since they will not cut a source of constant income.

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Yaowarat used to be full of these shit heads, now it seems they have moved on...I have not seen a taut there in ages, the same guy stopped me a few times, gave me the same/different stories...I filled in the blanks where needed.


The tauts are just annoying more than anything...I mean if I want a suit, I will walk into the shop, not be persuaded to buy something I don't need or have inclination to buy.

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I dont understand.


Are you insinuating that a 'newbie' tourist deserves to be robbed by a pack of money grabbing con merchant slags, by virtue of there 'newbieness'?


Or the daft, love struck romantic newbie who buys a few buffalo and a new motorbike for number 162's father during week one had it coming?


In both examples, they may have been rather clueless.... but surely they are entitiled to the right to stroll around Erawin Shrine with a $900 camera swinging around there kneck and a T-shirt that says 'I Love Thailand'? Thats there right. They should be free to enjoy that right without some fucking little monkey who cant be arsed to work ripping them off.


I occasionaly find myself sucked into one of the most common bar stool discussions amongst ex-pats; the story of the latest poor sucker who got ripped off in Thailand. I am always suprised just how cheery and almost gloatfull these seasoned ex-pats are, relaying the story of Bob from London who lost it all to an Isarn BG after just 4 weeks here. The story is usualy acompanied with a big cheesy grin and a feeling of superiority. Kinda like 'ha ha, they had it coming.... but i know the score. I live here. Silly fuckers'


Almost like they are glad it happened - as it reinforces there belief that they are more wise and clued up.



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