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A Different Experience


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Forest Restaurant


Between Ban Phe and Rayong lies this amazing place.

I can safely say that I have never seen anything like it. Situated in lush tropical forest with dozens of waterfalls, small lakes with huge fish (arapaima and cat fish), black swans and other birds.

The theme is absolutely consistent and everything is made out of natural materials in the most tasteful manner.

Food is plentiful, affordable and service top notch.

If you find yourself in the general area or even i n Pattaya this is well worth a visit.

Highly recommended. Your wife/GF will leave with tears in her eyes due to your sense of romantic settings :)







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Yeah, I only saw bill boards in thai, didn`t notice any english language signs. Rather surprising as this place would appeal very much to foreigners I would think.

Still quite a few farangs found their way out here I noticed.

I am sure there are quite a few on this board who has visited as well. Would like to hear what they thought of it.





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Revisited the place 2 weeks ago during the day time. So thought I would add a few pictures.

There were only 4-5 other customers.


Entrance, looks like the entrance to Jurassic Park the kids thought.






Massage and SPA also available




Main indoor restaurant






And they boast "world class toilets" as it said on a sign. Cannot argue with that.

Only time in my life I ever took a photo of a toilet.





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I was there about 4-years ago. I was with a busload of people affiliated with various local service clubs. I had no idea where the bus was headed nor where we ended up, until later looking up the place on the net.

It was a fun and different experience. An unusual setting, good food and good service. Definitely recommended!

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