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Canadian tourist is shot dead

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AP report:


Canadian man killed, pregnant woman wounded by Thai police officer



BANGKOK, Thailand - A Thai police officer fatally shot a Canadian man and wounded his pregnant companion during a scuffle outside a bar in northern Thailand, authorities said Monday.


The officer told investigators the shooting was an accident but he was charged with premeditated murder, said police Col. Sombat Panya of Pai district in northern Mae Hong Son


John Leo Del Pinto, 25, died early Sunday of two gunshot wounds - one to the face and one to the torso - and his partner, Carly Reisig, also of Canada, was in hospital with a bullet wound in her body, Sombat said.


Their hometowns were not immediately known.


The couple, who had rented a home in the town Mae Hong Son, were drinking at a bar in Pai and began arguing, Sombat said, citing witnesses.


Outside the bar, their argument turned physical and when a police officer tried to intervene the couple attacked him, Sombat said.


The officer, Sgt. Uthai Dechawiwat, told investigators Del Pinto tried to grab his pistol and the gun "accidentally went off" three times, Sombat said.


However, Uthai was charged with premeditated murder for Del Pinto's death and with "intent to kill" in connection with Reisig, Sombat said. Uthai was released on bail.


The couple had rented a home in Mae Hong Son, on the border with Myanmar, for several years but took regular trips in and out of Thailand to extend short-term tourist visas, Sombat said.






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Flash, I don't know anything about this particular case. But as you said Thai police are not supposed to be armed off duty. But as I'm sure you know yourself this often is'nt the case! How many times in your long experience of Thailand have you read about a pissed up off duty cop starting shooting after a row with someone? :smirk: Of course most of these cases are between Thais, so don't make the news in the farang media. Nothing to do with this particular case, but unfortunately guns and drink just don't mix. I remember my father telling me about a young guy in his unit in North Africa during WW2. He took a captured Berretta on leave with him to Cairo and pulled it and shot and killed a guy in a drunken argument/brawl in a bar. He was later hanged for the killing.


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A police lieutenant a few years ago came home one afternoon and found his wife shagging another cop. He lost it and shot them both. He got the death penalty, since the courts said he was supposed to be setting an example. That was when Chuan was PM.



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The coppers story is like something out of a chanel 7 week night drama;


'Well, this ferang and his wife kicked the shit outa me! I was lying on the floor, gagging for air praying they would just go away when they went that extra mile and went for my gun!! They get my gun but despite my bloody state and lack of energy, i managed to stand up, overpower them both, grab my gun back and then bang!! The gun goes off three times and manages to hit them three times!"


Cucking Funt.


The Canadian may (or may not) have fucked up by pushing the guy over or something.... The Canadian may (or may not) have fucked up a little. However, the copper shooting them both is pure and utter murder. Yet again.


Sadly, my guess is the coppers boss will accept his version and he will be 'permanently' on bail.


There is a rumour - and i stress rumour - flying around on another LOS forum initiated by a guy who lives there who claims quote;


Last night Janurary 5th a little after Midnight a forgien tourist was shot through the mouth and died instanly by a Thai man with whoum he was earlier arguing. Witnesses earlier saw the Thai man and the Tourist arguring on the street and the Thai man drove off shouting in english 'I'LL KILL YOU'


shortly after the Tourist was eating at a resuturant and the Thai man came in and stuck a gun down the forgienners throat and shot him dead. It is also thought the forgineers girlfriend and possibly another was injured.


As for RUMORS there are two corrurent rurmors circulating:



There were two falang fighting and the police came to break up the fight and the falang attacked the police and the police had to shoot them in self defence.


THE STREET REPORT (From the Local Thais)

The man who shot the tourist was an Off Duty Pai Police officer who was drinking.


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Whatever the true story (which we will probably never know) they most certainly pissed him off in one way or another (perceived or true).


I do not buy the 3 shots because his finger was on the trigger, once or even twice (automatic gun with Thai maintenance) maybe but not 3 times.


No matter if the cop came to execute the tourist or if it was just in the course of an argument, this tourist certainly pissed off seriously the Thai cop.

(and I tend to believe that he shot the tourist in cold blood or kind of)


I met and dealt with many Thai policemen, even got fined twice and "argued" with one ("argued" because I did not shout nor got excited etc...)

and never did I feel that they would shoot me.


Sad for the tourist, TIT, DMWT (DMWT stands for: Dont mess with Thais)



PS: The bar's name was unfortunate.......

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Why would they attack the officer in the first place ...



Ever walk by a "domestic fight" and seethe way the people act towards you? Now try to actually interfere. In many cases if the guy is beating his woman, and others try to stop it, they both turn on the guy trying to interfere.


I am guessing if this guy's wife was knocked up by some dude, then the guy would be seriously pissed off, and not thinking rationally to start, now add booze, and the mix is even more explosive...in any event, very sad.

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