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Canadian tourist is shot dead

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SD...situational? What is situational murder? Premeditated is that which is committed with malice aforethought. Getting punched in a bar then going outside to fetch a piece from your car, coming back into the bar and unloading...gotta say that's with malice aforethought. If you get assaulted while carrying the gun and you use it to protect yourself from imminent great bodily harm, different story. In this case, like 99% of the others in the papers, we can't draw any conclusions as to what happened. Look how many errors are made in the papers concerning events we've actually witnessed.


Thai cops are generally poorly educated guys who had some family member buy them a job and a bike. Mentally, very thin line between them and the crooks...even thinner than in the U.S. :)



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I read on another site where a guy, who lives there, posted that this cop was mentally unstable and had tried to commit suicide a couple of weeks ago and that many people in that area avoided him because he was always trying to start trouble with the townspeople. Whether this is true or not...



How did he get the job in the first place?

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I wonder how many Thai guys end up dead because some cop wants to shag their girlfriend!


I was involved in an incident in a bar in Hua Hin a few months ago, some pissed off punter tried to start a fight with me and then bottled my friend. We had to go to the cop shop to file a report.


The next day I went to pick up my driving licence, which they had confiscated the night before for some strange reason. My girlfriend of 5 years was with me, the head cop told her she should avoid Farang guys, since they're nothing but trouble. He said I'd soon get bored of her and find a new girl. I thought that exchange was pretty strange.


When I first moved to Thailand I went through a period of receiving late night and early morning phone calls from a Thai cop because he suspected that I was shagging his mia noi, a colleague of mine who wanted out of the relationship. That was a worrying spell.

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I was not at all amused when my wife told me that when she started university the female acharn running the orientation warned the girls not to get involved with the Farang acharns. We would lie to them, break their hearts, use them etc etc. In fact, it was the Thai men who were doing the et ceteras. One 40-something Thai acharn got turned in by a first year student he'd propositioned, telling her he'd give her an A if she went to a hotel with him. (They punished the guy by transfering him to Chiang Mai University! :banghead: )


But oh, no ... it was the evil Farangs to beware of. There were a total of 5 of us. In fact, two of them were married and 2 were gay. That meant the warning more or less was about me!









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He had to be in uniform and if not on duty then just off, or he wouldn't have been armed.


My experiences with the local constabulary.


A very drunk off duty cop in plain clothes showing off his loaded gun and bullets in a Bkk bar. His girlfriend's sister worked there as a waitress and I had bought her a coke.


Later that night I ended up in a nightclub talking with another girl, the now totally drunk cop just happens to be there with some staff and kicks a chair into me accusing me of cheating. Crikey.


Another proud cop in plain clothes passing his gun around a bar for the customers to look at in Jomtien.


2 cops in Khon Khaen turn up at a Thai friend's farm demanding large amounts of cash to avoid going outside and executing her dealer son.


Wife's 20 yr old female cousin just got home from a short stay in the police station. Face all swollen after having the names of her suppliers beaten out of her.

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Thanks to Famous Grouch for this account of events. Figured he'd be up there on the job.



Ah well we have not quite got to the bottom of this. But time will tell I guess, or people in Pai will. I rather believe the girl's version of the shooting. But there is something missing about the original confrontation. As many of you have noticed.

If indeed the police fist came out of the blue, the normal scenario in Thailand is that the victim has earlier upset the aggressor and the aggressor is lying in wait!

Besides the Thai boyfriend merely said that there was nothing they had done which would merit the officer shooting the couple.

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