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ARABS AND INDIANS.. don't they just love us! A story of petty racism i


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hey there,


i was recently in bkk and decided to hit my usual haunts at NP. I used to live in bkk for a while, so it's fair to say that I know my way around reasonably well. To my surprise, the 'bouncer' at the doors at Rainbow 1 (downstairs) and Rainbow 4 (upstairs) wouldn't let me in. I've been there literally a thousand times before, and that night they were giving me some crap about it being "member's only" night. Obviously, i could tell that it was just some lame excuse to stop me from going in and I later found out (after talking to one of the girls outside) that some of the bars have apparently started barring Arabs and Indians.


I happen to be a belgian citizen, but my ancestors were originally Indian, so I suppose one would consider to be from that part of the world at first glance.


The girl who i was speaking to outside went on to say that Arabs and Indians have a very bad reputation amongst the locals, in particular for being stingy and impolite. I couldn't help but find this somewhat amusing. I could easily picture an arab in his traditional white gown haggling over 10 baht change and refusing to tip the girls. And so I nodded in agreement, since it is definitely something that's inherent in our culture, especially amongst those from the mainland.


I, however, consider myself to be quite generous, and have no problems spending anywhere in the region 10-15,000 baht a night at a gogo if I'm having a good time. So I guess I'm a little concerned by this new trend, and was hoping to perhaps get some feedback from some of you expats out there, in case any of you have heard of this happening (or even if it's happened to you!) Is there any way around it? Tipping the bouncer perhaps?


Any light shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I'm planning a 2 week holiday to the LOS next week and don't want to run into the same hassles again.




p.s - oh and also, do thai people have similar attitudes to other races?

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Just my 2 Cents worth, and I may be wrong..... But i believe it is not completley down to race, it is down to culture. The Arabian culture i know extremely little about - however what i do know is that they seem arrogant and tight fisted.


Then there are the cultural naunces. Im sure sitting in a go-go with a finger half way up your nose, digging, and the other hand openly scratching your arse, is completley normal in Arab countries. In the west, this is pretty fucking gross and people dont want to see it. As a westener, its likely that i have cultural naunces that Arabs dont like. Im sure it works both ways.


The go-go girls seem to share the same opinion, and that may be one of the reasons they are not welcome in some places.


In addition, westeners make up a huge majority of the p4p spend in LOS. For this reason, it may be that the managers acknowledge westeners dislike of Arabs and prefer to turn them away, lest it may discourage westeners from going to the same place.


And so, i dont think it is a race thing in terms of skin colour.... its more the percieved opinion of where you hail from and how you are likely to behave, owing to clothes, attitude etc.


For example, i would be suprised if a brown skinned guy was refused entry to a go-go, if he was actualy western in origin. Clothes, appearance, general demeanor etc would usualy be the determining factor of where you were from.


Conversley - as a white guy - if i where to walk into a go-go wearing one of those white Arab sheets and a rag on my head, i would not be suprised if they didnt let me in. Clearly, regardless of skin colour, i would be percieved as 'one of them'.


I remember leaving a 7/11 on Soi 3 once, opposite Bambo bar. Two Arabs stood by the door, talking, blocking my exit. I politley said 'excuse me' and smiled. They looked at me like i was a pile of shite and said, in a completley rude and petulant tone, "Yes. We EXCUSE you. Now continue". Cocksuckers.



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Put this in context with the fact there are P4P areas that do not accept whites for instance. Some will bar whites because they accept Thai's only. Others will bar whites because they are Japanese only. Still there are others that openly charge you twice as much for being white. Just avoid the unfriendly venues and stick to ones that you are accepted in should do the trick. If they don't want your money, go reward someone that does.


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thanks for your responses guys.


I totally understand your views, and can sympathize with some bar owners wanting to keep their falang customer base happy.


It's just annoying sometimes to be grouped into the same category as some of those terrorist shmucks. Given global attitudes towards brown-skinned indiduals in general after 9/11, i can see how it is not a problem that's solely restricted to the LOS.


Up until reading your posts, i had totally forgotten about the terrorism issue and couldn't for the life of me think why they'd refuse me entry to some of the gogos in NP. That together with the nose-picking and arse scratching, I guess I too would perhaps consider barring entry to some of these folk.


Thanks for putting things into perspective.

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<<"Put this in context with the fact there are P4P areas that do not accept whites for instance">>


Having said that, would you agree the preference amongst BGs and Go-go owners alike would be ranked as follows :


1. Japanese/Korean

2. Whites

3. Latino

4. Indian/Middle-Eastern

5. African


don't know bout any of you, but making a list like that does make me a bit uncomfortable.

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Yes, Arabs - terrorism today are unjustly thought of as love - marriage. AND their is also resentment/disrespect/dislike that goes back further than the past 10 years.

I've never met a Thai that spoke well of Arabs.


The Thais, just like pretty well any people, are racistist.

Not the worst in this big world, but certainly not as "sensitive" as most "westerners"


And since when did having illogical/inexplicable, ever changing policy become the norm here????


It can't be a pleasant experience to be "profiled", but you're here by choice..........so smile and walk away.


Good luck.

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