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Rock Pub, Bangkok


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This is supposed to be a restaurant review section, yet I see nothing about a restaurant in this thread. Why?


If not a review with the pertinent info a *review* should contain, then just post it in the Nightlife section, eh?



SD -- doesn't mind reading stuff, but wants to find hard info in the proper place when he's looking for it!

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Thanks Mentors - I have often wondered how much of a following there is for *any* live music in Thailand (traditional Thai music aside), as so much of what I hear seems to be either doof-doof or manufactured pop. Every venue I've visited in Asia seems to have very capable cover bands, but thats about it - I guess its hard to get something original off the ground in those markets. Do the Thais frequent this place, or is it mainly expats looking for their fix ?





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there are often a few Thai "Heavy" Fans around.

Japanese "Rock" girls seems to like the club too.

Sometimes not much people around, sometimes it's crowded.


The are more two real music clubs in Bkk:

- Metal Zone

a 10 min. ride with the TukTuk from NEP. Really Loud Metal music.

- Overtone

a new club, i not visit now, will do next time

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Thanks Mentors - I'm more a traditionalist when it comes to metal, but I doubt that they will be hosting too many Budgie/Ted Nugent/Blackmore's Rainbow gigs at the venues you've mentioned :smirk:


In the end, its all good, but I have disgustingly populist tastes : way too much Linkun Park/Korn in my collection for the likes of todays youth. Not sure if you've heard of them, but we do have one awesome band left in Oz:




Not metal, but a real wall of sound nonetheless. They were unfairly tagged as a 'System of a Down' clone initially, but the critics are generally positive now.


This guy has links to a couple of their YouTube efforts:







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