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John McCain Victory Party Stuff


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Okay guys. Hereâ??s your chance. I think I mentioned that I am considering rescheduling my next trip a wee bit to make sure Iâ??m in BKK during the first week of November so that I can host a John McCain victory party. Never been to the â??Irish Pubâ?Â, but maybe that would be okay. How about the No-Name-Bar? :thumbup: Iâ??m thinking that all should be officially known by the barâ??s opening on November 4. I know a lot of folks here will want to jump on the bandwagon and be fittingly attired at the celebration. So, Iâ??ll be taking orders for official John McCain buttons, hats, and shirts prior to my departure and will bring them along. No money needed up front. Just place your order with me via the message option here.


Here are photos of these exquisite items for your approval.










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