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Who is the author of this contest entry?

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I cannot find the names of the authors to many of the earlier writing contests. Can someone tell me if they wrote this entry, or know who did? -Cent



Entry 2 â??Contest story


A spin of a reel and a flick of a coin, thatâ??s what first took me to Chaing Mai in Northern Thailand. After almost a year in Australia, my girlfriend Lisa and I were close to heading home, and to be honest, close to pulling each others hair out. She had decided to become a lesbian in the previous months, and we had all but split up. She was going back to a succession of girlsâ?? houses, while I had had enough and was whiling the days away until it was time to leave the land down under, passing time playing the pokie machines. With five days until our flight home through Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore, I was gambling one night and had almost spent my fifty dollars daily allowance. With one last dollar, I pressed the â??spinâ?? button, turned to walk back home, and turned back again to see a line of five â??horseâ?? figures, which, after checking the win indicators, told me I had won $1300 Aussie dollars.


So with this new money and new power, things changed. I said goodbye to my cheating girlfriend, moved into a hostel and bought a flight to Thailand, just because I knew she wasnâ??t going to be there, and so it was 5 days later I arrived at my new destination. After three days on Khao San road with an assorted group of backpackers with varying hairstyles and personal freshness levels, I had to make a decision, as some were heading north to Chaing Mai, and some were heading south to Ko Pha Ngan, and I had to make a choice.

Flicking a 1 baht coin, it landed on â??Kingâ??, which I had decided meant I was to go to Chaing Mai.


I fell in love with the place almost immediately; me and my backpacking army went to Doi Sutep temple, to see the great view over the city, played pool at some local bars by night and wandered around by day. Then after a four day, three night trek, we went on a night out. We ended up at Bubbles discotheque and danced the night away. We planned to leave early, as we were all going to Laos the next day, but one Thai lady had been catching my eye all the time I was in there, god knows why, I was wearing a football shirt with a tomato sauce stain on, and my doc martens were still muddy from the trek.


Anyway we were soon dancing away, and boy was she a good dancer. After an hour my friends told me they were going back to the hostel, but I couldnâ??t bring myself to leave with them. Fate had brought me this far, and I had to follow my instinct. I told my girl what was happening and she said â??I understand, you must go with friends, but I want you come home with me.â??


And home with her I went.


After several hours of the most mind blowing sex imaginable, I slept and woke later to the realisation that my Khao San Road friends were gone, and I would never see them again, such is the backpackerâ??s life. No matter, because I was now in heaven with my new Thai girlfriend Larinan. For six days our life revolved around shagging, eating, being dragged around shoe shops, trying to win a teddy bear with a crane, going to Bubbles every night and the occasional visit to the swimming baths.


Cracks soon started to appear however between us, I had read a little about Thai prostitutes, but thought I had met a nice girl not after money, and I was quite happy to pay for her food, disco jaunts and everything else. This wasnâ??t enough however, and I was soon pestered for gold, rent money and other things, to which requests I wasnâ??t very forthcoming. It all exploded one night when I drunk her bottles of Fanta she had left out as offerings for Buddha overnight, as there was nothing else to drink in her apartment, she was asleep and I couldnâ??t find her key to go to the 7-11 and buy some.

The next morning, she was furious, even more so when I tried to pass it off as a religious miracle, and claimed that Buddha had drunk the Fanta and not me. She hauled up my backpack on her tiny frame and threw it out of her room; I grabbed my underpants and condoms and made a sheepish exit, watched all the way by bored cleaning staff who soon cheered up at this sight.


Even with my first Thai girl relationship under my belt, I wasnâ??t prepared for what happened next to me. As far as my friends back in England are concerned, I went to Chiang Mai, slept with three beautiful girls, took pictures of them all, and they are all jealous and impressed at how beautiful Thai women are. The reality however, is that after the first girl, the next two â??girlsâ?? were both post op ladyboys, and I would never have had a clue if a Chiang Mai falang resident on a visa run hadnâ??t told me so when I proudly showed him my photos on the slow boat down the Mekong River in Laos.


â??Prominent Adams appleâ??, â??exaggeration of feminine featuresâ??, â??masculine sounding voiceâ??, â??big feet and handsâ??. Read Nanaplaza or any other Thai nightlife discussion forum, and theyâ??ll tell you these are all the tell tale signs of a ladyboy. I had no such access to such a forum; I had only five days to prepare my first trip to Thailand and had only been here for ten days.


Quite frankly, I was a newbie and didnâ??t have a clue. The first â??girlâ??, was Anna, I met her at â??Charmingâ?? bar on Moon Muang Road, as I couldnâ??t face going to Bubbles and running into my first sweetheart. We played pool for a while, then she told me if I pay the bar manager 200 baht, she could leave the bar. I thought this a strange concept, why should I have to pay for someone to leave, she wasnâ??t working there, or so it seemed. Anyway it was a small amount of money, so perplexed, I handed it over and we went back to her apartment. I then for the first time, used some common sense, and decided to ask her if she was a prostitute. She said â??sometime I do for money, but you handsome man, I like you, money no problem, I do for joy.â??


Did I have any idea she was a ladyboy, nope, none what so ever. I thought her voice was a little funny, but I had little frame of reference, and just as in England people speak with lots of different voices and accents, so I assumed, did Thai people. Also her breasts were a little on the small size, but once again, I had gathered Thai girls were a little on the small size, and I wasnâ??t going to be rude enough to say anything.


Anyway back to the story. I went back to her apartment and we were soon down to business. She was very passionate, and we had sex in a variety of positions. I received a very good blowjob, and I mean very good. Soon we curled up and went to sleep, then in the morning she said she had to go to work and I had to leave so she could get ready. As agreed I went back to the bar later that night, paid this strange â??bar fineâ?? business again and went back to the apartment for round two.


On the third night, I paid her barfine once again, but as we left the bar and started to walk home, she dropped a bombshell on me. She asked me if I would take care of her friend. She explained that her mate Pamela was suffering from a broken heart as a falang had left her after being with her for a year and she was lonely. She said I was a good handsome man and I would make her happy. I was a little thrown by this, but by now my Thai adventure was turning into a Forrest Gump style affair, so I shrugged my shoulders and said sure, why not. I even had a hope that this might turn into a threesome, which sounded rather nice. However it was not to be, we got a tuk tuk to Pamelaâ??s apartment and after a brief conversation in Thai, which I just stared blankly at, Anna passed me on, like a relay baton, to Pamela, and said goodbye.


My first reaction was â??wowâ??. Pamela was gorgeous, and unlike Anna, had a much fuller bosom. She was very western looking, with tints of red and blond in her hair, and much bigger round eyes than I had seen before on a Thai girl. And, as for my ladyboy antennae, nope, very little registered, her breasts did seem a bit too good to be true, and her hands were a little on the big side, but not enough for me to realise this was a ladyboy. I just thought she was a babe. I ended up staying four days with her.


To this day, I canâ??t remember how the subject of Miss World beauty contests came up. Perhaps it was Pamelaâ??s own trophy, won at the flower show that triggered the conversation. Anna had one too, and I thought, being the lucky sod I am, that I was being shared around by beauty contest winners, much like George Best in the 1970s. Amazing Thailand! I was falling in love with this place more by the second. Anyway back to Miss World. It turned out she was a fanatic, and had kept a diary of every contest, and knew not only the winner, but who came second, third, fourth and so on right through to who came tenth. My previous knowledge was not quite so deep, restricted to recording it on telly when I was 11 and masturbating over it.

The joys of our family having its first Betamax video recorder. I lied to her and said I was a big fan of them, and she was delighted at this, went into her clothes cupboard, and pulled out an entire box full of swimsuits.


Some people collect stamps, some collect train numbers, others collect shoes, and others still collect beer mats. Pamela collected swimsuits, tons of them. And when we got a little closer, she revealed that she reenacts the Miss World contests in the privacy of her own home. Thinking back to my own 11 year old sessions with my bedroom door locked and a tissue, I got very horny and asked her to do the same for me. She was reluctant at first, but then I had a brainwave. I said we could stage our own Miss World contest right here. â??Howâ?? she said. I asked her to get me some paper, a pen and some scissors, and proceeded to write the name of every country I could think of on a small piece of paper, she was very helpful, coming up with countries I had forgotten about. Pretty soon we had over 100 countries scribbled on small pieces of paper. She emptied the swimwear box on the bed and we put the bits of paper in it.


Now for those not familiar with the Miss World format, 10 contestants are drawn in the first round, then of those, 3 are drawn, and the winners are announced in reverse order. And this is exactly what we did. I drew out a name, Pamela disappeared into her changing cupboard, and reappeared in one of her swimsuits, and I kind of gave her a mock interview, same as the judges. At this she was hilarious, she had memorised all the bullshit answers that beauty queens give to questions, and hearing her saying how much she wanted to help the children, or animals, or wanting to save the world had me in stitches. I was quite sexually restrained, and â??Miss Walesâ??, â??Miss Columbiaâ?? and â??Miss Indonesiaâ?? all passed the interview with no problems, however when she appeared as â??Miss Venezuelaâ??, wearing a little fluorescent green swimsuit, I could take it no longer and pulled her knickers down and tried to give her a good seeing to. â??No donâ??t do that. You only fuck winner,â?? she said.


So that was that, every night we reenacted Miss World, and I got to fuck the winner of our mock contest after presenting her with a trophy, (we used the one she had won at the flower festival). Of course daytimes have to be filled, and regrettably the two of us went to the Maesa elephant camp on our third day. It was going fine early on, and we bought some bananas to feed the elephants with. I was wandering round, not paying much attention to the fact that I was hanging my bananas close to my waist. This fact wasnâ??t lost on one of the elephants however, and he made an attempt to get them with his trunk, missed and whacked me right in the testicles. Pamela found this hilarious (although having once owned testicles herself, she should have had more empathy and sympathy). The pain didnâ??t subside, and it took the edge off our Miss World contests as I wasnâ??t able to properly crown the winner, and as our relationship was built on this unstable rock, it was time to move on.


We said our goodbyes, and I finally headed to Laos with a tender groin and memories that will last a lifetime.




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