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A few days ago, when I was in Déjà Vu on Soi Cowboy I met a BG whose name (claimed by her) will not be provided, but begins with an â??nâ? if transliterated from Thai to English. She said she only worked in Déjà Vu a few days, and I suspect this is right, because when I was back there last night, the mama-san asked where she was since she hadnâ??t been seen since she left with me. I explained why I thought she was not yet back at the bar, and I will explain here why as well.


She was a bit chubby for my tastes, but lots of fun and extremely passionate. She said she had worked in Phuket town, and was new to Bangkok. I had not seen her before there, so this was probably true. One of her friends also worked in Déjà Vu.


I bar fined her. We went dancing, and she was a blast. Much more outwardly affectionate than your average Thai girl; she was hot. After finishing round one with her in my second apartment and starting round two (she was affectionate), she gets a call. I only hear one side of it, but it is all in English. â??No she did not go out.â? Why wasnâ??t she at Suvarnabhumi? he hadnâ??t called "to confirm.â? (He was in plane - how could he call, I didn't actually hear this words, but judging from her reaction, I think he said this.) She â??loved and missed (him) dearlyâ? and was deeply apologetic â?? hell, she almost had me convinced of her undivided love for this guy. She would take a taxi right away from her apartment and meet him right away.


She apologized profusely to me, explaining that she had a US boyfriend who planned to marry her, build her a house and how she had to go meet him at the airport right now. The guy was from the US, and this was about the time that flights from the US â?? at least United â?? arrive in Bangkok.


Now I know I will sound like an absolute pig, but I was still horny as hell and I was still banging her when she took the call. I wanted to finish round two.


â??Sureâ? she said, and we did. And because it was round two, it took longer than expected. But she said: â??never mind, he can wait; he doesnâ??t know anything, and I enjoy fucking youâ?Â. Is Gadfly that great in bed? Iâ??d love to think so, but the correct answer is that she didnâ??t care if this guy - who had just flown 18+ hours to see her â?? had to wait an extra few hours while she finished with me. She knew she had him wrapped around her fingers. And I think she thought I was expecting a long time (I wasnâ??t), and this was her way of settling up. She didn't want any payment problems with me.


Now this BG was not a stunner, but she was a blast. Iâ??d go out with her again if she wasnâ??t getting married (sanook is often more important than looks), but I doubt this marriage arrangment will last long. You know that line from the old Talking Heads song: â??After the moneyâ??s goneâ?¦â? I still have her number, and she has mine. And if it had not been me, it would have been some other guy.


This is the other side of relationships with BGs. This is why itâ??s so much fun to hang with BGs, but also why a relationship with a BG is absolute lunacy and sponsoring one equally crazy.


BGs aren't bad people, but you need to clear headed and realistic about their incentives and goals.

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Try telling that to some people who will claim it never happens like that, or that you/we are just concentrating on the negative, and how they know so many wonderful bar girls who would never do that...


I agree, once you get to know these girls, and once they respect this for what it is, and respect you as a punter, the truth comes out, and it is often entertaining.

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I had an interesting experience on the other end of the line once as well, though I'm not sure it illuminates: one late night (well, not that late: it was still dark) at JP bar in Pattaya I was biding my time watching the girls play pool among the lumbering farang, when I met a woman a bit past her Pattaya prime, but fun and somehow different. Let's call her Dao; I tend to like Daos. Maybe it was her experience that peaked my interest - she'd had a shit life, beyond the usual BG sob story: an arranged marriage when young to a Chinese unseen, two marriages to crazy farang, an attempted murder (she the intended victim, not the perp), time in the big house, and a slew of other problems. A few hours after we met, she rode me back to my hotel and came up to tuck me in.


With no jenga or connect4 in the room, and limited cable, we made our own fun (insert pornographic details here). Maybe a couple hours after we'd arrived, I don't remember, her phone rang - international call, she recognised the number and turned off the phone. A few minutes later, she turned it back on: ring ring, same number, turn off phone. An hour later, and three hours later, and twelve, and eighteen - every time she turned on the phone, the same incoming number trying to call... around the clock! Plus SMS: "why dao why" "please dao please speak to me", etc.


According to Dao (and verified from her 'friends'), it was her boyfriend in Europe, a guy who wanted to marry Dao eventually, but in the interim was sponsoring her (and, through Thai trickle-down economics, about three or four of her friends, no doubt) at 30,000 baht per month, on the condition that she not work. When a jealous competitor/friend saw that Dao had a customer - apparently the first in several months - she borrowed another friend's mobile and sent the sponsor an SMS to let him know Dao was shacked up with a farang. (Turns out the girl had proposed to Dao that we go as a threesome, and Dao said no).


I felt bad for the guy, up there in some cold gray town, his Thai dream hanging up on him again and again... I couldn't help but imagine that at least a bottle or two of vodka fed his misery, who knows. I felt worse for Dao, who will likely never get another offer nearly so good, and who never heard from the guy again, but I also think she knew she wasn't cut out for his dream, and the split was inevitable.


Like I said, doesn't really illuminate much...



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PS: In my own defence, once I heard the story I told Dao to talk to the guy and sort things out, and offered to participate in whatever lie she chose to tell him. On the other hand, the constant redial, hour after hour, did seem more than a little bizarre...

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Actually it illuminates an area many punters don't see. Many think these women will do anything for money. That is not true for many. She could have answered the phone and kept the money coming in by giving him the usual BS story and he would likely swallow it as he WANTS to believe her, his love. Many guys are so infatuated they are blind and easy to twist around, mostly because they believe they are in love and their love is in love with them, even when all the signs are there that she is playing them.


She didn't care about her sponsor. Many BGs getting spopnsored do not give a shit about the sponsor, just the money flow.


I recently met a guy (over Songkran) who is sending his lady 30,000 baht a month. And, paying for hairdressing school. She's young and pretty, but getting closer each year to her use by date. She's gone through a few guys now sponsoring her. None of them worked out (mostly because I feel she is not that great at treating the men like a king). Now he tells me last weekend that he is thinking of cutting her off and just paying for her schooling, as he thinks this is way too much and she is not needing so much. He has been comparing Thai incomes and realized she is getting way more from his sponsorship than many Thai educated professionals... WAY more.


It was nice seeing him 'getting it', and good to see him talking about it and realizing what a large amount of money he has basically wasted.


I doubt she will be a happy camper, but really, 30,000 baht a month! For what? Partying with her friends and playing the bigshot? Silly fucking money these guys throw at their whores, for what, and most of the girls are fucking anyway other guys, and getting money from other sponsors. It is almost guaranteed they are doing so. Denial denial denial... brother, she is fucking other guys! (And if you don't believe that, you are just fooling yourself in your silly childish denial.) Why are you sending money? What possible reason is there to do so? A GOOD reason dude.


Dumb fuckers. Save your money for your trips, more trips! Spend it on yourselves! Save it for your kids futures! Buy a fucking condo in Jomtien with it! But please, stop spoiling these women and giving them money for nothing. Because it truly isn't necessary, as you have your place in line as soon as you wave a couple thousand baht under her nose. You aren't helping her either, just spoiling her. If you think by her having more money she will not be fucking other guys as much, you are sadly mistaken. What she will do is fuck guys she actually WANTS to fuck... for free. On your dime dummie.


Sponsorship is a fool's game and a waste of your, Mister Sponsor's, precious assets that could be used for so many better things than spoiling a Thai prostitute because you miss having your place in line with her. Stop it. (I can hear the refrain now, "It's my money and I can waste it if I like.")


Send it to a decent worthy charity Mr. White Knight or whatever the fuck you think 'deep inside' you are. It'll at least be used for a good cause.

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Very well put Cent, I couldn't have said it better myself!


I particularly liked the line [color:brown]"Buy a fucking condo in Jomtien with it!"[/color] since 30K / month would be the repayments on a house loan of at least 3.5 Millo and that is what these morons cannot see.


Or better still, take out a long term lease on a studio apartment in Jontiem, you can get good ones for 10-12 K / month, so a semi permenant Thai base and a saving of at least 18K / month. Even if you visit 3 times a year for a month on each trip you would be 72K better off, more than enough to cover the cost of airfare, utilities bills on the studio (water / electric / Telephone / Cable etc) and also have enough left for 2-3 good nights out.


Once base camp is established you build up a wardrobe there and a CD / DVD collection, it becomes your second home, when you travel all you need is your toothbrush and your passport.


If I was to invest 30K / month into Thailand I know which I would prefer to do.


I know of a few guys who work good rotations and get to spend quite a bit of time in Pattaya on R'n'R, most of them rent now (property and pussy) and since the changes in the mortgage laws 18 months or so back where a farang can be given a 49% mortgage irrespective of visa status quite a few have bought condos, the 12K rent they were paying is the repayment on a 1.5 Millo loan. All for less than 30K / Month (Apart from a lump sum investment of 1.5 Millo for the guys who bought)


Any guys considering moving here should have a long term stratergy IMHO for a better chance of survival, make the transition to being full time here over a long period, don't rush in head first like a bull in a china shop.



Disclaimer: Whilst not certified to be a financial advisor of any means what I typed is just my own opinion but for those of you wishing to flush 30K / Month down the swanny on a WHORE must know less about investments than I do.




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Mekong/Cent...nice posts, but who is listening? There's hundreds of the idiots everyday arriving on the planes...when I used to monger i met many ladies with boyfriends/husbands/engaged/leaving the country to live with their man, who openly offered me a good time...I never took up the offers, being a moral kind of person. It amazes me that the sponsoring fools really think they know what's what.


Never ever trust a bargirl. I know exceptions exist and I'm very happy for those who are happy....but the exceptions appear to be in the minority. How many of the millions of visitors to LOS read this board, of those how many will 'get it' from reading these posts...a very small amount I'd say. The suffering will continue.

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"...She didn't care about her sponsor. Many BGs getting sponsored do not give a shit about the sponsor, just the money flow..."


My observations in these circumstances is the more money thrown at them, the less they respect the guy throwing it. After awhile it just becomes a game to them to see how much more of a redicules amount they can get a guy to give them...bragging rights, faceto their peers etc...

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