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I was never a Chiko Roll fan but always a walk up start for a fish finger sandwich.

Those gargantuan fish and chip shop hamburgers used to be a meal in themselves, I tried to explain them once to an American friend but he couldn't grasp the concept of a burger that had to be cut in half to be lifted and held comfortably while eaten.

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Haven't had a good one in (what seems like) years...lol...Chicko Roll either

I'd bring some up....but from what I read somewhere, they changed the receipe years ago and now they are pretty ordinary..


remember the old posters in the Fish & Chip shops??....think it was a 50's style girl....and a Motor bike???....a little bit "Marilyn" ish or happy days ish!!!!


J2, yep

There's still a few places round that make a real dinkie die true blue old style burger.....really basic...but just taste great!!!

There's a little place at Seymour...100k's north of Melbourne that started in a caravan in about 1958...now it's a brick shop in a Pub car park...


I never go up the Highway (not THAT highway...lol...)without making a detour for 1......or 2....



Cheers DC

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The Aussies will remember the hamburgers and steak sangas at the Greek fish and chip shops or greasy spoon. Made with toast, b/root, bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce onion and T/sauce. Usually eaten in the car at a car park or at the drivein One bite and the whole thing exploded over you and the car! But bloody beautiful. These half sucked tastless bits of cardboard served at Mickey dees are not for me.

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