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Angeles vs Pattaya 2008 update


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Hereâ??s a 2008 update of my previous post (April 2007). Iâ??ve just returned from 10 nights in Angeles to avoid the Songkran mayhem in Pattaya, where I live. Hereâ??s a spot of comparative research, all IMHO and YMMV.


Last week the exchange rate was approx 1.25 pesos to 1 Thai baht. Itâ??s a poor rate for Thai baht. I think youâ??re better off changing stronger currencies such as $, Euros, or GBP directly or via your plastic if you have low overseas transaction costs â?¦ such as for Aussies: Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercard, or for Brits: Nationwide. Iâ??m thinking in terms of average/standard prices - you can pay much more or much less in both Pattaya and Angeles for all services.




Likes :up:


Most of the girls speak English, so the GFE is easier. Even a cynical old bastard like me fell in â??lurve/lustâ? for 2 nights with the same girl.

More girls on stage. I counted 32 girls coming off stage after their 20 minute stint and 26 replacements coming on stage at Lancelot one night. Even more at places like Atlantis. (I suppose the owners can afford it with lower wages at 140 pesos (112b/night)


Girls have beautiful mellifluous names: Rosalita, Jocelyn, Marigold, Mirabelle (seems sort of more romantic than Lek, Nit, Porn)


I loved the line dancing â?? normally not my cup of tea, but 30 lovely arses all turning in unison for comparative examination is wonderful. But alas this is in decline since previous years. Only a few places still doing it. Technocrap/rap is taking over and as a result the girls are reverting to the Isaan chrome pole molesting shuffle â?? what else can they do with it? DJs take note â?? look at the age and reaction of your customers and adapt the music accordingly. One morning 3am about 6 of us geriatrics walked into a bar, the DJ switched to C/W and rock nâ?? roll. The place started humming, the LDs flowed, the girls livened up, my mate lost his Angeles cherry boy status, and one other normally very quiet member of our party has been renamed the Closet Croyden Cowboy when he too joined in the line dancing. Reckoned heâ??d never had such a good night in years.


Girls seemed to be enjoying themselves more, when theyâ??ve got something to concentrate on and especially when the DJ played some lively Tagalog tunes (request â??Di ko mapipigilanâ? by Sexbomb Dancersâ?¦ and watch the fireworks) , just as the girls react to Thai music in Pattaya.

Bars open later till 3-5 am. Dollhouse is open 24 hrs !!


Many bars let you take photos of the girls onstage (ask mamasan though!) since the girls donâ??t show. Dollhouse has a special weekly photo shoot every Wednesday night where they actively encourage it, and a similar photo night in Atlantis Thursday nights. Some of their best girls semi naked, tops covered in body paint. Well worth taking your camera along for.


When you call a girl down for a LD, she stays with you (till the drinks runs dry!) - no â??I go dance nowâ? scam that you sometimes get in Pattaya just as soon as youâ??ve bought a LD. That can be a drawback too. I like to chat with my mates also while I watch my tilak dance on stageâ?¦ gives my legs and dick a rest from dry rooting the girl on my lap. Of course you spend more money on LDs too when the girl is constantly with you (prospective bar owners note!)


No toilet tipping or woofter attendants trying to massage your back while youâ??re pissing

Toilets seemed cleaner (maybe newer gogos?)


Girls seemed to kiss more, but â??smokedâ? less â?? in my very limited survey! Whereas in Pattaya theyâ??ll willingly suck your dick for 15 minutes, but are reluctant to give you more than a peck on the cheek.


Very few tattooed girls (even then just a small butterfly etc) â?? why many Thai girls disfigure their beautiful silky smooth skin is beyond me.

Bottled local beer cheaper (85p = 68 baht), but then again I drink mainly draft in Pattaya gogos at 60 baht.


Barfine 1200 â?? 1350 pesos, usually 1300p (1040 baht â?? some bars charge more for their stunners/powerdancersâ?¦ 3000 pesos at Dollhouse!) out of which the girl gets half. Not sure if this is a plus or minus. I think the bar is getting a heftier percentage share than in Pattaya, but at least the girl is guaranteed something, and you also have some comeback if she does a runner as happens sometimes in LOSâ?¦. My mate got his money back this year from the mamasan at Byrd Cage. Heâ??d negotiated photos plus bonk, but she refused the bonk. In addition the girl expects a tip for good service. Last year it was 200-500p. Some girls asking 1000p tip now. I think I prefer the Pattaya system â?? separate the bf from the girlâ??s fee.


V compact entertainment area in Fields Ave. You can walk to all the bars. In the afternoons I recommend taking a tricycle or jeepney about 1km past Margarita Station to just beyond the Petron garage. A very lively afternoon session and happy hours in about 20 bars from Matrix onwards (aka the Perimeter Rd bars that a lot of ex pats frequent)


NO ladyboys in the gogo bars. I think itâ??s a very bad move to mix katoey (post and pre-op) dancers with real girls as they do in some Pattaya night spots. Puts me right off barfining in those bars. I have nothing against anyoneâ??s sexual preference, but Iâ??ve paid to look at â??womenâ? dancing, not blokes.


Dislikes :down:


Girls seemed a bit chubbier than Thais â?? could be Philippines high fat diet (thatâ??s a gross generalisation â?? there were many many stunners too!). It could be a product of more dancers on stage, so likelihood of fuglies standing out greater. On the other hand, there seemed to be â??fewerâ? stretch marked girls than in Pattaya?? I think Filipinas have bigger firmer tits â?? thatâ??s purely subjective.


[minor whinge] Girls in Pattaya seem to have better dress sense. Some of the Angeles girls emerge for a bf dressed in just a T shirt and denim shorts. The more beautifully packaged the parcel I get to unwrap, the hornier, more romantic, satisfied and generous I become.


Girls not showing â?? and why the â??doubleâ? knickers plus panty liners â?? canâ??t even see the camelsâ?? toes pussy imprint.


Cherry Girls! :down: Iâ??d say 10-20% on stage were virgins who want anything from 20k pesos to 300k!! to lose their cherry. I donâ??t begrudge them their virginity, but why work in a gogo bar if you donâ??t shag? Theyâ??re taking away income from the other willing girls onstage â?? wasting my time and theirs. Before I cottoned on, I bought 3 LDs for a very friendly girl, then when I went to bf her, she whispered â??I have secret â?? I Cherry Girlâ?Â. They have V for virgin on their ID cards, but I canâ??t see that far when theyâ??re dancing. I was a bit disillusioned one night when I got several knockbacks in a row â??Sorry, I cherry girlâ? â??Sorry, I am menstruatingâ?Â. â??Sorry, I have a boyfriendâ?Â. â??Sorry, I have hygiene tomorrow morningâ?Â. I made up for it all with a sandwich in bed later â?¦a human one that is with two little lovelies and me in the middle.


LDs slightly more expensive (150p - approx 120 baht vs Pattaya average 90 - 110 baht). Watch out for the â??doubleâ? LD scam at Dollhouse 250 peso â?? v silly management policy, although this year at least the waitresses seem to confirm the more expensive drink as you order, so no disputes later. Watch out also for the LD â??beer scamâ? at Dollhouse. If â??youâ? order at beer itâ??s 85p, if the girl orders the same itâ??s 250p. But as my mate pointed out, it may be money saved. The girl takes a long time to drink a San Miguel Light. My advice: insist on a regular LD â?? if the girl looks a bit miffed, tell her youâ??ll tip her instead so long as sheâ??s good company. If the girl is friendly, move onto a beer LD if she wants one. This 250 â?? 300 peso scam is now almost standard at Dollhouse, Atlantis, La Pasha. Be forewarned.


Many of the stages are in a pit, so unless you sit at the stage you canâ??t see the girlsâ?? legs. Mind you when you do sit at the stage your eyes are just about at pussy level! :hubba:


Girls seemed to wait to be â??called downâ? rather than interacting with the punters to attract their attention. (In Pattaya many of the girls choose â??youâ? from the stage â?? if sheâ??s enthusiastic in the bar, sheâ??s good in the bedroomâ?¦ usually??). I got a mixed reaction this year from the girls. I tried some of my usual interaction tricks. Some girls responded in a friendly way; some look down at you as though you were from Mars. No business sense at all. For a spot of brief company in the bar they could have scored a LD and tip. Weird.. maybe many Filipinas simply holding out for Mr. Right and donâ??t want to waste time on an old fart like me. Whereas Pattaya girls donâ??t often knock back a drinks opportunity. Theyâ??re not obliged to be barfined anyway. Whatâ??s there to lose?


Service girls and mamasans seemed pushier on buying LDs in Angeles. But then again a drink for the mamasan can be a good investment. Sheâ??ll tell you straight off who are the cherry girls, and who are the friendly girls.


Hotels and restaurants in Pattaya much much better value for money, and more choice - Angeles definitely needs more competition. Watch out for the VAT on food and accom, and the +7% for credit card transactions at hotels and moneychangers. (Iâ??m told the credit card charge is now illegal, but itâ??s still done in some hotels)


No bidet arse squirters â?? toilet paper only. I suffered itchy arse syndrome again as I do in farangland (yes, too much information, I know! Hehe). How I missed the Thai hygienic and â??strangely pleasurableâ? squirt up the jacksy. :grinyes:


Angeles seemed grubbier and more dangerous than Pattaya (probably because the people are poorer). Sure, nasty things happen to farangs in both cities. But there was a more violent ambience about Angeles with signs at the gogo doors â??No firearmsâ?Â, shotgun wielding guards at the supermarkets, warnings in hotel room â??Donâ??t wander too far off Fields Ave). Iâ??ve lived more than 8 violence free years in Pattaya. (although I did once get slyly pickpocketed on a baht taxi â?? partly my own stupid fault!). That was last yearâ??s comment. More confident I wandered further a field this year without any trouble at all. But I still suggest taking a tricycle at night if off the beaten track. Watch out for pickpockets at SM shopping centre. My mate got robbed, and a very sus character followed me and another mate about in the mall waiting for an opportunityâ?¦. Sat near us too in the food hall as we were eating while he helped himself to someoneâ??s leftoversâ?¦ a true desperado. Use an under your clothes money belt not a wallet sticking out of your back pocket, and change money at the ATMs inside the stores.


Tip for both Angeles and Pattaya gogo bar owners: Get the girls to circulate after â??everyâ? song â?? rotate at least 2 places (Paris and maybe a few others do it in Pattaya). Itâ??s boring for you when youâ??re stuck at the stage staring at the same body. Must be the same feeling for the girls too. On some of the Angeles crowded stages, I couldnâ??t see the faces of some of the girls for their entire 20 minute stint without standing up and walking around to the other side of the stage. To the credit of Lancelot and a couple of other bars, they do rotate the girls (it was like a sushi bar waiting for the anchovies to come around!), and I like the idea of the finale circling of the stage by the girls before the next shift comes on, just in case you missed someone you might fancy buying a LD for.


My favourite dance music sequence that seemed to get the girls doing their line dancing and naughty mime routines was.

Dangerous by Roxette

Push My Button by Sugarbabes

Whole Again by Atomic Kitten

The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

Simply the Best by Tina Turner

â??Di ko mapipigilanâ? by Sexbomb Dancers

Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me by Tata Young

La Camisa Negra


Iâ??d appreciate the titles of any other lively dance numbers that stir up the girls. There were a couple of Tagalog and Spanish songs that were listed as â??unknownâ? when I asked the DJs



Misc tips:


Beware - no functioning ATM machine at Clark Airport. There is a money changing booth with an attendant (occasionally?) who has rip off cash rates. Bring a few spare pesos or US$ at least to be able to pay the taxi to your hotel (200-300p for the whole taxi â?? my mates were scammed 300 each, until the hotel who sent the taxi recouped their loss from the bent driver). Thereafter, several money changers on Fields Ave, who change cash. Shop around at the money changers. Many farangs swear by Noraâ??s off on a side street from Fields, but I got a much better rate elsewhere. I was told (didnâ??t try personally) that itâ??s a hassle plus expensive commissions to change travelers cheques. There seems to be a lack of ATMs in the Fields Ave area. Head over to the huge SM Shopping Centre (excellent hypermarket) 10 mins walk NW of Fields Ave â?? lots of ATMs there (some at the entrance; others inside in a more secure location) but I could only get 10,000 pesos Fast Cash at a time out of a machine. Another mate who had a slightly worn card could get nothing at all out of the ATMs and had to get a photocopy of his passport personal details page as well as his entry stamp page, plus fill out forms and wait to get a cash advance in a bank.


Sex without a condom seems more common than in Pattaya, where â??Hab condom?â? is usually the first sweet nothing a Thai girl whispers in your ear as you climb into bed, if not on the baht taxi home. In Angeles it is often you who has to do the insisting. If you think you are liable to succumb to a bare back ride in a drunken/reckless moment, then bring a supply of Ciproflox and Zithromax with you. Prescription drugs are hard to find and expensive in the Philippines. Also, bring your own condoms and KY gel with you â?? couldnâ??t find it in the pharmacies in Angeles. This year saw KY gel in JJâ??s supermarket for first time.


The Orchid Resort pool a pleasant way to spend the arvo â?? your gf will love it. Poolside service friendly but slow.


Some of cheapest spirits Iâ??ve ever seen on the supermarket shelves. One litre Gilbeys Gin 127 pesosâ?¦ thatâ??s only US$2.50! Rum and brandy even cheaper. Scotch same as in Thailand. So donâ??t bother bringing duty free unless you want your favourite rare tipple


If youâ??re flying Philippine Airlines, make sure your taxi drops you off/picks up at the correct Terminal in Manila! Itâ??s at least 2 km and another taxi ride further away from the main International Terminal.

Air Asia (advantage - direct to Clark, Angeles. Tiger Airways from Singapore and Macau also to Clark direct)â?? I shopped around for a cheap deal US$215 in the end BKK-KUL-CRK return incl all taxes !!, but lousy connections from BKK outbound at KL airport. OK if you plan to stay a night in KL. Air Asia tip: Priority boarding for 55 and over along with pregnant women and infants! No allocated seating, so if u can, grab the first row seat (first disembarking) or the wider safer Emergency Exit seats over the wings or pay extra for a seat allocation. It will be wonderful if Air Asia ever fly BKK to Clark directly as mooted. A useful tip: if you have got flexibility on dates and have to fly into Manila, try to get a Sunday flightâ?¦ the roads are quieter avoiding Manila traffic jams.


Some hotels have the fridge stocked like a mini supermarket stuffed with over priced items which they hope you and your tilaks will help themselves to. Take everything out of bar and bathroom on the day you check in, and put it in a bag out of sight till you check out. NB !! Tell the cleaner and stick a note on the fridge door â??Please do not refill fridge. Thank youâ?Ââ?¦ otherwise sheâ??ll replace the lot and charge you. Stock your fridge with your own drinks and nibbles.



Pricewise thereâ??s not much in it. A rough tally based on 8 beers, 4 LDs per night, barfine, hotel and meals made Angeles about 90 baht per day cheaper. Gogo dancers cheaper in Angeles; hotels and food cheaper in Pattaya. On the whole I still prefer Pattaya, where there is a bigger, safer scene with far more bars and a better, cleaner infrastructure of facilities â?? not to mention the pleasant sea breeze. But I certainly enjoyed my busmanâ??s holiday to Angeles and like Gen. MacArthur â??I shall return.â?Â


I reckon if someone opened an Angeles style fun loving girls line dancing or Dollhouse/Atlantis style power dancing bar in Pattaya, and a Pattaya style bar (with stark bollock showtimes) in Angeles (if the police would allow it), theyâ??d both be successful.


Google jimmyregina and harrythehorse for more Angeles info. Follow all the links. Some good advice from blokes far more experienced on the AC scene than a newbie such as me.


Brief bar reviews


Blue Nile and Executive (upstairs). Fun bar. Good looking girls, and lots of em. Love the elevator stage and great lighting. Gives all the girls that long legged look. Quite good powerdancing showtimes around 12:30 â?? 1 am.


Neroâ??s Forum Fun bar. Good looking girls, and lots of em. But they donâ??t rotate after every song. Sometimes limited stage side space. If you get stuck facing a dog for 20 minutes, itâ??s no fun at all. And no doubt she is thinking the same thing staring at me! And theyâ??ve stuffed this up even more this year by clogging the stageside with video poker machines. Canâ??t make its mind up whether itâ??s a gogo bar or a casino. Not that my mate was complaining.. he won a 20,000 peso jackpot!


Bedrock. Lively once you stir the girls up. Fell in lurve/lust here!


Champagne Fun bar. Good looking girls, and lots of em. I got taken for a ride by a menstruating tilak hereâ?¦. But another night I also scored my sandwich girls here too. YMMV


Viper Room. Had a great afternoon and evening here after me and my mates livened up the girls when we tipped the DJ to play a more entertaining dance music selectionâ?¦. Eventually we had 3 fat mamasans almost baring their tits and bums â?? I had to pay them to put their clothes back on! Some good looking girls here. Unfortunately a very friendly and good fun but plain girl latched onto me early in the piece. Felt a bit guilty about ditching her for a better model, so didnâ??t â?? typical newbie mistake. Mai ben rai. If youâ??re not on a definite shagging mission (alas, I was that afternoon), often the less attractive girls are the most fun and more appreciative of a LD they rarely get.


Dollhouse Good looking girls, and lots of em. Open 24 hours. I just loved watching their powerdancersâ?? routines â?? very professional. Wish someone would do the same in Pattaya. Watch out for drinks scams outlined above.


Atlantis Good looking girls and lots of em. Itâ??s now the premier powerdancing bar bigger and classier than Dollhouse..owned by same people I am told. Korean interests??


Camelot last year it was fantastic, I loved the graphic naughty miming to the chorus â??You and me babe ainâ??t nothing but mammals, so letâ??s do it like they do on the Discovery Channelâ?Â. This year theyâ??ve caught the technocrap Isaan shuffle disease. Once the DJ was tipped, the girls livened up. Girls rotate a little after each dance .. improvement on last year.


Lancelot is good 8 till midnight (lots of girls).. thereafter donâ??t bother. At 1 am the girls had stopped dancing completely (tired/ fed up because not barfined?), arms folded sitting on the edge of the stage even when I and 3 very generous LD buying mates came inâ?¦ wonâ??t be going there again after midnight. Mamasans and managers take note.. not a way to get customers through the door â?? becomes a vicious cycle â?? poor performance = fewer customers = poorer performance until one day it has to close at midnight. Meanwhile back in Pattaya places like Peppermint are humming till 3am when the very last dance is called. A very generous mate of mine who usually spends 1000 - 3000 pesos on a visit to a bar had a fallout with the Lancelot mamasan and stopped going. Girls were willingly taking his LDs but when it came to barfine â??Sorry, Iâ??m menstruatingâ?Ââ?¦ and the same girls were still menstruating 10 days later! Now I realise heâ??s no Adonis, but heâ??s not a Quasimodo either. Iâ??m not in favour of forcing girls to go with a customer, but he felt they were beginning to take the piss. Donâ??t know what the answer is, other than a clinical pre LD interrogation â??Are you a cherry girl? Are you menstruating? Do you barfine?â? Or maybe he should just buy one LD at a time to see how the girl is responding.

Another annoying feature of the bar was the misplaced lighting that flashes constantly and directly into your eyes if youâ??re stageside.

When the girls at Lancelot are not in their post midnight comatose state they do rotate after every song :up: and do a final circle of the stage as they come off.


Anglewitch afternoon a dead loss. Girls listlessly shuffling anticipating a long shift. Returned later one night and was very lively. Girls line dancing even.


Honeypot (previously Classroom 2). afternoon a dead loss. No change on last year. Girls listlessly shuffling â?? they actually moved to the end of the bar furthest from the customers.. howâ??s that for business acumen? Not. Returned on another occasion and we finally managed to stir up 2 girls for a fun time. I realise that itâ??s also up to the customer to show his interest in the sheilas and that he is not Dullsvilleâ??s entrant in this yearâ??s Mr Boring Universe contest, but the girls need to make an effort too if they want to earn a living.


Agasy A lot of money spent on the décor but no follow through on choreography and mamasan discipline. Too spacious. Comfortable settees all facing one direction towards a tiered stage about 20 feet away! â?? a bit like being in a Thai fish bowl massage parlour. The power dancers do a great routine, then the 2nd team come on. One or two beauties but they simply stand there with arms folded â?? I joke not. Standard drinks 90 pesos too! I felt they should rename it Flatliners Gogo for a near death experience! A bloke sitting next to me summoned at least 5 girls down one at a time, did a spot of speed dating, dismissed them one by one (how embarrassing for the girls) and finally settled on one who passed his interrogation audition. More like a meat market than a gogo bar. I suggest they move the stage to the centre, bring the seating around and closer so that audience and girls can interact more, and employ a choreographer and DJ to play livelier music that will animate the girls and punters alike.


Byrd Cage. Ought to be renamed Broiler Basket. Many on stage past their use by date. But one unexpected surprise: they were crash hot on all the naughty miming line dance songs, which theyâ??d learnt years ago probably when they once worked at Dollhouse.


La Pasha. Lots of girls, but not rotating. Several prima donnas whose attitude I didnâ??t like, YMMV. The same fatigued princesses were still on stage at closing time 4 am. Watch out for double LD scam.


Voodoo. Quite a few girls. I think we just hit it at the wrong time. A group of very listless girls dancing in front of us. So we decided to drink up and leave. Next shift came on. What a lively contrast. One of the girls knocked my mateâ??s full drink over accidentally. Would have been nice if management had given him another or a half price one as he suggested, but no response. Poor customer service.


Carousel. A popular bar with some lookers, but a few of the girls need a pommel up the pussy to break them out of their arms folded Samar shuffle routine. Excellent DJ who played all my requested songs that livened up the scene. He instantly recognized me whenever I walked in and repeated the medley. I wish more of the girls were as responsive to their customers.


Brown Sugar. Some lookers. Friendly mamasan.


Las Vegas. Friendly girls, keen on LDs and barfines. But not rotating on the dances. Need a spot of mamasan discipline.


Stingers. I got stung in Stingers. The bar is nothing out of the ordinary at all, and yet 90p local drinks and 170p LD - the usual watered down orange cordial. The one and only looker I bought a LD for took one sip and buggered off.


King of Diamonds. Look out for their body painting show.


La Bamba. Had a couple of friendly dancers


Geckos. Happened to be the best of my afternoon Fields Ave drinking bars. Quite a few friendly good looking girls. YMMV.


Lollipop. OK. But Iâ??m prejudiced cos got a knock back here once when I was feeling super horny.


Caddy Shack. An afternoon delights bar on Perimeter Rd. 3 years running now has had a good selection of girls, reasonable prices and friendly atmosphere.


Matrix Brawn. Some very naughty girls here for afternoon delights. They go knickerless on certain days of the week. 500p for BJ out the back. I think I got a knee trembling root thrown in for free after I was generous with the LDs.


Dirty Duck. Cheap afternoon happy hour. But again the girls almost lifeless. Doing a shuffle something akin to a psychotic zoo animal trapped in a small enclosure. Notwithstanding I called down a pretty girl who proved friendly enough for me to barfine her.


Heartbreakers. Fun bar last year. But closed for renovations when I was there this year.


Blueberry Hill. If you are a karaoke singer or just enjoy a singalong. I was amazed at the hidden talents of my mates. Many Filipinas love singing. I had several very enjoyable late night visits there with my barfines last year. Try their chips and mushy peas â?? yum yum.


Hotels and restaurants


I stayed at Royal Amsterdam hotel again. Not the cheapest, but excellent rooms and a great central location with a very efficient, friendly staff. However, insist on a room away from the back of the building. Some horrendously loud karaoke bars at the back that blast out music all night till 8am. Their double glazing does not work effectively enough!


Look out for some of the blackboard specials (advertised outside) in the Royal Amsterdam restaurant â?? good value.


Another mate stays at Central Park which he said was cheaper and quieter.


The Orchid Resort reasonably priced but try to get a room in the newer section. The original rooms are looking very tired. My mate stays there still cos his girlfriends love the pool in the afternoon, and he gets gang raped in his room for wining and dining them in between swims.


Many cheaper but quality places away from Fields Ave. If youâ??re on a budget it might pay to stay off centre and commute in at 50 peso a ride on a tricycle.


Swiss Chalet restaurant â?? reasonable prices and generous helpings.


Italian restaurant above Lancelot. Authentic Italian food.


Shanoâ??s Irish/Aussie pub. Good value meals with large helpings. Some tasty waitresses too, who btw are all barfineable!!


Kokomos â?? prices up; now not much cheaper, if at all, than some of the other restaurants where you can sit in air con comfort.


Being a sad bastard quiz night fanatic (anything to resurrect my alcohol soaked brain cells), I enjoyed Thursdayâ??s trivia night at the Swagman Hotel 6pm prompt start with a chook raffle interspersed with lots of generous spot prize (you donâ??t need a team) questionsâ?¦. Youâ??ll score free drinks for the rest of the week. Sit close to the compere (difficult Philipino accent) not poolside. Good western food there too. Linger on in the area after the quiz to spend some of your spot prize vouchers, and enjoy some of the cheaper prices and friendly girls in the less frequented neighbourhood bars. Talk to some of the friendly ex pats in Swagman for bar recommendations.


Check on the venue of the weekly/fortnightly? â??Doghouseâ? sessions (there was a list posted in the gents at Blue Nile or Neroâ??s Forum). Get there early for a ringside seat. 550 pesos buys you free drinks 5-7pm, a good roast meal, and some very entertaining/naughty dancing (albeit fairly tame compared with Pattaya - although girls lying naked on their backs with legs akimbo can hardly be classified as gogo dancing), plus an everyoneâ??s-a-winner lucky draw. Went to one at one of the Perimeter Rd bars this yearâ?¦ food terrible. Stick to the ones where good caterers such as Molly Malones are providing the food.






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Another great review.

I'm glad you found the Perimeter Road bars, they were a great favorite of mine with the afternoon short time rooms out the back and still good fun at night as well.

Doesn't sound like the music has changed much, but that's the PI, old fashioned in every way.

DollsHouse with their 3000P barfines sounds like a rip off to me, they wouldn't get a centavo of my money.

Sad to see the girls still not insisting on condoms. And they say there's no HIV there.

Try reading some of the expat websites with an "In Memoriam" section and see how many long term locals fall off the perch with ailments that sound a lot like AIDS to me.

A good site here.


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Thanks for the report. I've occasionally thought about trying the Phillipines.


Reading over, it looks like it's not worth trying. Besides the lack of showing (which is a big, big thing for me) and the chubbiness of the girls (which also puts me off), it seems as if the common theme is frustration with attitudes. Cherry girls? Fuck that. :thumbdown:

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I'd still have a look bibblies, my personal opinion is that it's the best 'mongering site in Asia that I've seen in every respect.

Personal opinion is just that, personal, and if you don't go you won't know.

If I hadn't got into a relationship here in LOS that I'm more than satisfied with I'd definitely be living in the PI.

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If you have a chance sometime, bibblies, do give it a go. It's same same but different there. I simply had a spot of bad luck for a couple of days on this particular trip.


Although the girls generally don't show, their bikinis at eye level inches from your nose appeal to my lingerie fetish and once in the bedroom, many will be turning naked cartwheels just as they do in LOS :hubba:


If the Thai govn ever shift the goalposts here, I'll probably move to Angeles.



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Some cherry girls will suck your dick all night but I get tired with the "I cherry girl" "joke" that non-cherry girls love to play. My last visit was a 2 week visit but I only found about 5 girls worth BFing so ended up going back to previous girls. There are some girls in Blue Nile who only go with Asian men and are quite bitchy about that so I'm never going back in that bar. Camelot and Lancelot were my favourite bars both for the line-up of girls and the design of the bar (tacky but what do you expect for a gogo bar?)

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Camelot, Lancelot and a few others belong to a German consortium who know how to run bars.


Blue Nile, Cambodia and several other of the big bars are owned by a group consisting of an Irish ex copper and a former Scottish pro footballer and they are regularly in the shit with the PI authorities.


There are a lot more restrictions on what the girls can and can't do on stage and in the foreign owned bars the laws are often strictly enforced. (One of them is no dancing or bikinis at Christmas or Easter and the girls come in wearing their "going out" clothes. The bar owners swear they get more barfines but it could just be a seasonal thing).


There are a couple of "locked door" shows each week, Robaus mentions the Dog house club, that move from bar to bar where anything goes.


The Philipino owned bars in other parts of the city are a lot more exotic but the tourists seldom see them, you need to know someone local to get you in.


I found that the cherry girls were good fun for a night out with a couple of other girls and you just sent them home when you went back to the hotel. There is a breed of 'monger there who specializes in deflowering them without paying the big pesos and many are very successful.

I've seen all the tricks they use. $10 engagement rings from Hong Kong is one but booze and plain rape are others. I knew a guy who used to manage a couple a week. Funny, the girls all knew him but they would still fall for it.


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Dollhouse / Atlantis/ Carousel plus a couple of new bars on Real Street are owned by a couple of Hawaiians I believe.


Geckos bar tends to be one of my favorites there. Others I like are la pasha, Cambodia and Stinger bars.


I'm with work in Manila next week so may take an extended weekend break up there afterwards.


I love the place but tend to get bored shitless if there for more than 4 days or so as daytime activities outside of fucking and sleeping are limited!

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There is a breed of 'monger there who specializes in deflowering them without paying the big pesos and many are very successful.

I've seen all the tricks they use. $10 engagement rings from Hong Kong is one but booze and plain rape are others. I knew a guy who used to manage a couple a week. Funny, the girls all knew him but they would still fall for it.


I find that hard to believe. I saw more fat bastards than charmers there. I did hear a few years ago of cherry girls being pressured by the mamasans to go with customers and then being raped but I think anyone trying that now would be in jail for a long time. When I told one cherry girl that another cherry girl had sucked my dick all night she gave me a disapproving look and said she only went with gentlemen.

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