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Angeles vs Pattaya 2008 update


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Your review is very thoughtful and balanced - thanks for the contribution.


I might add a few other factors which I consider positives:


People go to AC to get women; you will not see many foreign couples, gawkers, backpackers or fudgepackers. Mainly mongers looking to get laid by women and little else.


The Filipinas are warmer than the Thais (and I live here and speak pretty decent Thai). They are more simple, open and surface emotional. Some may not consider that a positive, but I like the "less cold" veneer when I am paying for sex.



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I have a small trip coming up and I chose Angeles over Pattaya. I am gonna be staying at the Orchid Inn. Anyone have anything bad/good to say about the place?? It seems decent with the info on the website. Tons of great reviews on there and I'd expect them all to be good obviously but there are lots of them and they go back for years.


They were prompt with their emails. I received a response to an enquiry within minutes. Not a computer generated one either...she answered my specific questions. I then received confirmation of my reservation request in the same afternoon I sent it.


I will be arriving in Manila as Cebu Air seems either booked on their non-stop to Angeles thru the 8NOV or else they don't have a flight. I will need transportation to Angeles. 2500P seems to be about the going rate. Is this a correct amount or a ripoff?


Man....I feel like a brand new tourist. Been to Thailand probably over 40 times and have lived here the better part of the last 2 years so I feel like I'm lost going there. Don't know the layout well and a price for a car. Oh well......I'm sure I'll figure it out.


I'll post when I return.

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Girls have beautiful mellifluous names: Rosalita, Jocelyn, Marigold, Mirabelle (seems sort of more romantic than Lek, Nit, Porn)


met a Flordeliza (Liza's flower). She was even more beautiful than her name and with big natural tits. a 18 years old superstunner from one of the big gogo's. but in opposite to many LOS starfish experiences with stunners she played well, was up for multiple sessions, sucked dick like a champion and stayed until mid afternoon.

well worth the hefty 3000 peso BF (for stunners in the big gogo's, but all included)!

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Reviving this thread for up to date info.


Someone I know is going to PI for the first time. I've never been because I'm thinking, 'Why risk it?' I know what I' m getting in Pattaya and if I go to PI and don't have a good time my cheap ass will be pissed.


So, all in all almost about even from what I'm hearing?


I want to know more about what the girls will and will not do. The decription said, LOS girls more willing for head. What about anal, rimming, etc. Not too hard to find a girl that is a bit of sex freak. 3 somes, etc.


How is the PI for that stuff?

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